An acquaintance gave me a dog this week. Same old story, “We love her, but she barks all the time. She needs to be out of our home by Friday”. This little dog had been with me for about a week in December because she was biting and bullying the other two older dogs in the family. She learned very quickly to go to her bed in the corner for time out when she got too rowdy and to stop biting when told “No!” She learned to sit (for about 5 seconds at a time). Obviously she needed more work on that, but she’s only a year old. Her owners are very nice people, but they both work long hours and must not have taken into consideration how much attention a young dog needs. They had her spayed a couple weeks ago to see if that would help her behavior.

Last week they followed their usual routine of putting her out in the morning and letting her roam the neighborhood until late afternoon. The neighbors have been complaining about her constant barking and insisted the owners do something. Believe it or not, these people seem to be intelligent. Why would anyone think leaving a young dog outside to fend for itself all day is appropriate? I’m waiting until Sunday to actively find her a new home just in case remorse hits her previous owners.

Don’t worry about her though; I have had an incredible number of people who have shown interest in adopting her already. After all, a truly intelligent person would realize she is a real find. She’s a year old, which means most of the hard work is done. She’s house-trained, spayed, doesn’t chew on everything, learns quickly, and she couldn’t be any cuter! The next twelve years or so should be a joy.

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