Dianna Ryan and her kids, Zach and Kali deliver throughout the Waynedale area. Diana also buys and restores houses as time allows.

Krista and Corey Leffers deliver the news in the Lakewood area. The paper route is a family affair, with help from brothers, Brandon and Ryan, as well as, both parents, Steve and Karen. They put their route money into a vacation fund, with hopes of going either to Disney World or on a Disney Cruise. Krista is on the (thus far, knock on wood), undefeated, Bishop Luers Freshman Basketball Team.

Charlotte Janovyak, 12, and her younger sister Dorothy, 8, deliver The Waynedale News to the Indian Village area. They are home schooled and both work together to get all the papers delivered in a timely manner. Charlotte says. “We get to keep a portion of the route money for fun and the rest goes into the bank”.

Kenny Aschliman, an eighth grader at Memorial Park School, delivers The Waynedale News in the River Haze area. He has been with the paper for a number of years and is growing as fast as the newspaper

Kelly Voltz keeps her kids Matt and Mason busy delivering the Winchester Ridge area. Kelly and her husband enjoy league bowling at Westwood Lanes. Matt and Mason are allowed to spend some of their route money on video games while they bowl.

Pam Fountain is new to the paper this year. She and her nine-year old son David deliver in the Westover/Woodhurst area. Pam also delivers for Fort Wayne Newspapers and lives in Bella Vista.

John Schaefer, “father of the tribe”, drives the vehicle and the kids Nathan, CJ, and Zachary run the papers into business drop spots all around Waynedale. The Schaefer’s are new to The Waynedale News and are doing a great job. All three kids attend Waynedale Elementary School.

Meredith and Jamison Lindsay help their older sister Elizabeth deliver The Waynedale News to the Old Mill area. Their dad, James Lindsay, generally drives them to their routes. Their mom, Carol helps fold and bag the papers, making it a family affair. Meredith is in fourth grade at Lindley Elementary and Jamison is in second grade at Indian Village School.

Larry Kimmel and his wife, Kara help their kids, Lance and Brittany deliver the news to the Avalon area. They were packing up their new Ford truck for a mini-vacation in Minnesota when The Waynedale News stopped by for this photo.

Bryan Cox, 16, and a sophomore at Elmhurst High School, delivers papers to the Old Trail area. Bryan participates in tennis and baseball and saves part of his route money. The rest he gets to spend on anything he wants.

Justin Schoeff is in 7th grade at Geyer Middle School. He and his father Al, make a good father and son team as they deliver papers in the Hillcrest Addition, just south of Southgate. Al often rides his 36-inch unicycle while making deliveries. Justin says he keeps his route money in his room, ready for fun opportunities.

Skyler and Cierra Kindy deliver to the Mariners Ridge Addition. Both are saving their money for college. Their mom, Jo Kindy, helps with the route as well as working for Azars here in Waynedale.

Justin Stalter, who carries the Allison Drive Area, was not available for a photo.

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