Last week some of us celebrated Grandparents’ Day by doing something special for and with our grandparents or adopted grandparents. And that is fantastic! See, many, many of these AARP card carriers set the pace, lay the groundwork and help those of us here today survive.

Think about it! Many grandparents go out of their way to do things for their grandchildren, and often receive no applause, recognition, or appreciation. But they don’t do what they do for fame or fortune. They are doing it because that’s what they do; they just do! And, often, they are “making do” if that’s what it takes.

Some grandparents are taking care of grandchildren out of necessity. Some grandparents are assisting with college tuition and incidentals. Some grandparents are paying for cars and helping with rent and mortgage payments.

And some grandparents are just doing what grandparents do: being there for support, giving out hugs and kisses, buying school clothes, and cooking meals, baking sweet treats and taking grandchildren on trips. Yes, some grandparents don’t skip a beat when it comes to helping grandchildren or giving advice to young ones to help them throughout the day.

Many grandparents are simply marvelous! They do so many things that they really do not have to do. But they do so because they care, and they have love in their heart.

I remember the time I went with Grandma and Grandpa Garvin, Cousins Bobby Bryant, Stanley Robinson, and Han and Robin Stith to New York City in Grandpa’s big wing-tailed 1959 white Impala. Yes, there were seven of us in that vehicle: four in the back and three in the front. Essentially, the three male drivers were in the front bench seat, and the two women and two children were in the back seat.

At the time I was 8, and Robin was 3, so I really didn’t interact with Robin much. But, when we arrived in NYC, we went directly to Aunt Martha’s Brownstone in Brooklyn, and boy, did I have fun that summer! I went every place an eight-year-old could possibly want to go.

See, I knew about every place from Mom telling me about places because she lived in NYC and attended graduate school at Columbia University before getting betrothed.

So, for that week I had Grandpa Garvin taking me to China Town, Harlem across 110th St., Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, the real Macy’s, and Coney Island.

At Coney Island I had gotten on so many rides that I literally could not walk straight. Grandpa made me stop getting on rides, though I wanted to keep doing so. Yes, those were the days, my friend. And life was just a ball with my going to every New York Borough; not even knowing Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island were Boroughs and what a Borough was.

Two Boroughs: Manhattan and Staten Island were for touring. So, I had to get on the Long Island Ferry, ride the “A Train,” and the “L”. How was I able to make the rounds to all these Boroughs? Well, it’s like this: Grandma Garvin had three sisters who all lived in a different Borough. One sister lived in Brooklyn; one lived in the Bronx, and one lived in Queens, so that took care of three of the five Boroughs. And Grandma and I spent the night with each one of her sisters. Where the others stayed, I don’t know. I did later discover that Cousin Han also had relatives in NYC, and she and Robin stayed with them, and Grandpa had a brother with whom he stayed. As far as Bobby and Stanley, I guess they just “made do,” because I didn’t see them again until it was time to go.

When time came to pack up and leave, I wasn’t ready because there were other places still on the list Mom had given me that I hadn’t toured. But, overall, this NYC vacay was one of the best! And I treasure the memories.

Now, what have you done to show your grandparents or adopted grandparents that you care and have love in your heart? Have you whispered a kind word? Have you sat and talked with them? Have you done a good deed? Have you carried their groceries or volunteered to rake their yard? And stop asking: “What have you done for me lately?”

For the good that you do will definitely come back to you.

So, henceforth, on this day, in the future, and as often as possible, stop and ask this seasoned individual what can I do to help? Or better yet; just do some things to help or make their day special.

True, some of the aforementioned things may be miniscule in the scheme of life, but the grandparents will be so very thankful. For, grandparents deserve this day and so much more for being who they are and lending a helping hand.

Remember by doing things that are kind and thoughtful, you and your grandparents will treasure the memories. And, in the end you will be able to count your blessings and name all of them one by one.

The Waynedale News Staff
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