The Wedding Shop
By Rachel Hauck
PB, 384 pages

Through the lives of two women connected through an old wedding dress shop, we find redemption, forgiveness, and true love. Cora Scott in the 1930s and Haley Morgan in 2010 both find the dress shop is going to make it or break it – financially and romantically – in their lives. Both have lost love and found love, unwilling to accept the truth until the last moment. Cora waits for the return of her riverboat captain, unaware that Mr. Birch Good loves her and desires to win her hand. Haley discovers that her first husband has been cheating on her, and she doesn’t realize that the man who could give her the life she desires and deserves is right in front of her.

As their lives parallel each other, the history and the conflicts that surround and involve the wedding dress building are unraveled and revealed. In time, Haley learns to turn to God to meet her needs (in spite of the fact that when matters come down to the wire, she wants to step in and resolve things on her own). Cora learns to trust God under even extreme circumstances, including when she thinks she had ruined all of her chances of ever finding genuine love. Surprises and twists along the way draw readers in and hold them as they see characters grow, learn, and mature. This is good reading. It is a wonderfully clean romance with a sound plot, suitable for anyone who enjoys Christian fiction and romance. This is the second book in a series, so it is recommended that fans of the series read the books in chronological order.

Reviewed by Olivia Lauritzen, a professional writing major at Taylor University.