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by Timothy Lewis WaterBrook
978-0-307-73221-7, PB
288 pages, $14.99

Adam Colby, a divorced estate-sale businessman, has given up hope of finding a lasting love. While organizing leftover possessions from a deceased couple’s house, he discovers photo albums of love poems written on postcards, dated every Friday from 1926 until the year the husband, Mr. Anderson, died. Curious, Adam contacts Yevette, the mysterious daughter of the couple’s former housekeeper, to piece together their story. In the process, Adam realizes his own failures in his previous marriage and looks forward to finding his “Forever Girl.”

Forever Friday, while a fun and easy to read novel, is not a perfect Christian romance. The newly-married Alexanders discuss their “bedroom activities,” some crass language is used, alcohol is consumed by many characters despite the Prohibition, and the unrealistic plot and awkward sentence structures may annoy some readers. However, fans of The Notebook will enjoy this novel.

Book Reviewed by Raechelle Renae Grit a summer college readiness student at Taylor University studying professional writing.