What is a campfire and why have one? There’s a certain ambiance when dealing with or being around a campfire especially after dark. It’s like being in a different world. It’s also the center for doing skits and the reason for making snacks and we all long for snacks prepared around a campfire, don’t we?
Snacks around a campfire don’t just appear or come from nowhere; they are planned and planned in advance detail. Before you go camping and I mean LOOOOOOG before you go camping, make a list and I’m a stickler for making lists on everything from camping food lists, camping bedding lists, camping toilet article lists, camping activity lists, but especially camping campfire snack lists and I try for details.

Here are a few ideas for campfire snacks. The Scouts call the time spent together eating and planning the next day’s activities: ‘Having a Cracker Barrel’.


(Buy according to number of persons camping plus 2 DNR officer guests)
Crackers – (there are dozens of kinds on the market – get several)
Cheese – (look for it on sale and try to get a few different kinds)
Sausage – (pepperoni, salami, baloney, spiced luncheon meat, summer sausage, beef summer sausage – cut in thin serving size pieces)
Sardines, smoked herring, smoked oysters, smoked clams
Potato chips – plain, green onion, BBQ, rippled, (plus dip)
Tortilla chips – Don’t forget the salsa
Jerky – (store bought or homemade)
Hot dogs (don’t forget buns)
Cheese hot dogs (buns, remember the buns)
Pudgy pie makin’s – pie irons, bread, soft butter, cherry, apple, blueberry pie filling – peanut butter/jelly – pizza sauce
S’more makin’s – marshmallows, Hershey bars, graham crackers
Bisquick for making twist bread or thumb print bread – serve with jelly
Cookies (buy the ones where you get the most for your money)
Pudding cups and applesauce cups are nice additions
Jell-O squares (these you should make at home beforehand)

I normally leave the beverages up to the other campers – some may be diabetic, some may be allergic to caffeine, some are addicted to sugar free drinks, and of course some want adult legal beverages but this I won’t allow to be served around Scouting campfires.

Remember to bring plenty of snack materials but don’t serve it all at the first night’s campfire; save most of it for the next night(s) campfire(s).

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