Little River Wetlands Project, a local nature organization, is asking for donations to add 67 acres of land to its Arrowhead Prairie preserve on Aboite Road southwest of Fort Wayne. Sixty-five acres of the new property will be restored to wetland and prairie with the help of the federal government’s Wetlands Reserve Program, while the remaining two acres will have a parking area for visitor access to new trails to be developed, a barn (already present) for storage, and an educational nature garden.

“Most exciting, the new property will connect our existing Arrowhead Marsh and Arrowhead Prairie preserves to create 255 acres of nearly contiguous wildlife habitat,” says Betsy Yankowiak, LRWP’s Executive Director. “We had not intended to buy more land this year, but the owner has offered this important in-holding at a very reasonable price.” The group needs $63,000 in addition to funds already pledged to buy the land, clear deteriorated farm buildings, complete the restoration, and establish a stewardship fund for long-term care of the property.

Donations can be sent to LRWP at 2403 Fairoak Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46809 or made online at <;. LRWP is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that protects over 1,000 natural acres in the Little River watershed southwest of Fort Wayne and offers free nature programs to nearby communities.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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