One day Nick and Lucy were in class working on a letter, when a nice PTA parent walked in and said, “Raise your hand if you would like to try out for cheerleading, or basketball.” Nick quickly raised his hand happily, as Lucy’s smile faded. “Lucy! You love basketball. Why wouldn’t you try out? You play everyday at recess with the rest of us guys,” Lucy sniffled. “Notice how you said it. You said, ‘all the guys’ I’m not a boy. Plus, Gretchen and Kate would not like me. They already talk about me!” Nick frowned. “Lucy, I know, and you know that they’re not even your friends!” Nick added, “And it’s not like it’s a boy only sport!” So Lucy raised her hand, volunteering to be on the team. “I’m proud of you Lucy!” said Nick.

Gretchen and Kate also had their hands raised, but they were trying out for cheerleading. Kate smirked, “Oh, Lucy, you’ll never make it at basketball!” She said in a snobby voice. Kate giggled. She sneered at Lucy, but Lucy just turned her head. “Lucy, you’re weird,” Kate said. Lucy felt bad. Lucy looked sideways. Mrs. Zachary handed all the papers out, and then left. All the students worked on their letters, until time for lunch. Gretchen and Kate had saved Lucy a seat, surprisingly. Gretchen gave Lucy a smug look. “Lucy, why would you try out for that sport? I mean, no offense to guys, but you’re not a guy and guys play basketball,” said Gretchen. “Well, no matter what, you made a stupid choice. How pathetic! So now, we have to cheer for you? Another girl? Wow!” said Kate. Nick frowned, “ You two just be quiet. It’s not up to you, and it’s NOT just a boy’s sport. Just leave her alone.” Nick and Lucy got up and sat down at another table. “You okay Lucy?” asked Nick. There was no response. So, later that day, at tryouts, Lucy didn’t talk. After the tryouts her only words were, “I made it.” And she didn’t even say it in a happy voice. Gretchen and Kate had also made the team of cheerleading, and their meanness towards Lucy continued. Practice after practice, Lucy brightened up. She was captain of the team. Games and more practices passed, until the last play-offs. It was two undefeated teams. Lucy’s team, The Chargers, and the Middletown team, The Eagles. Everyone was tense. Everyone was speechless, and a hush fell over the court.

With seven seconds on the clock, it was a tie. It was 34 to 34. Lucy’s team had the ball. The clock again started with every second counting down. Nick made a pass across the court to Lucy, and she dunked the ball in the hoop. Lucy had won the game for them! Everyone cheered and crowded around Lucy. Even Gretchen and Kate cheered her. You can bet that she was never made fun of for being a girl basketball player again.

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