The other day I brought out my 1953 Topps Achieves Baseball Cards and stated looking over them. The cards are numbered 1-337. A few are missing as some player’s heirs refused to give permission for their publication.

1953 was the year the NY Yankee’s (Casey Stengel manager) beat the Brooklyn Dodgers (Chuck Dressen manager) 4 games to two. Junior Gilliam, Brooklyn and Harvey Kuenn, Detroit, were Rookies Of The Year. The Baseball Writers Association of America voted Al Rosen Player of The Year. There were no other awards until about 1956.

Many of the cards pictures and names you recognize and a few you do not remember. The most unusual card (NO.332) was that of Elenore Engle, her card stated, In June 1952 she tried out for Harrisburg of the Inter-state League, which planned to sign this 26-year-old 128-pound stenographer. On June 12, 1952 Organized Baseball officially barred all feminine performers from playing professional baseball.

My recollection of 1953 came from reading books and cards as that was the year I sailed on Inland Steel’s M.V.E.J. on the Great Lakes. However 1953 was another great season for baseball.

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