For the several weeks we have had computers that have been taken over by “Win Antivirus2008. Windows Antivirus 2008 is a corrupt security tool which is promoted as anti-spyware. It manipulates the Microsoft Windows operating system in order to mislead you into thinking it is a legitimate application. Windows Antivirus 2008 is not related to Microsoft Corporation in any way.

Windows Antivirus 2008 is typical rogue anti-spyware. It is distributed by trojans disguised as video codecs. WindowsAntivirus2008 displays loads of misleading system alerts and uses aggressive tactics to gain a purchase. It is malware, and very hard to remove from your computer. If you have a window pop up that tells you your computer is infected and by going to a specific website you can purchase software to remove the infections, do not believe it. Several local people have been conned into using their credit cards and paying for this removal tool. And they have closed their credit card accounts to prevent additional transactions. If this infects your computer, disconnect from the internet immediately, and scan for spyware infections. The longer it is on your computer the more damage it does to your operating system. I would like to reiterate, before you download anything to your computer first do a search and see if there are any discussion boards or blogs that reference problems with the software in question. It’s getting harder to stay safe out there boys and girls so do your homework and practice safe surfing.

On a completely different note I thought I would mention we are now a drop off point for recycling computers and related electronics. If you have been wondering where to safely get rid of computers, monitors, old laptops, printer’s scanners and even microwave ovens, you can bring them to our North Ossian location where they will be picked up by a recycling firm out of Indianapolis and disposed of properly. And the best part, this is a free service. So if you have been thinking about the environment and wondering what you can do to keep many of the toxic metals contained in computers out of our landfills. Bring them to Computer Genius and let us work together to keep our land and water clean. If you need assistance we will be glad to help unload 1 unit or a truckload. We are open from 9:30 to 6:00 and whether you need a virus removed, a laptop repaired or looking for a new system we will be glad to assist. Our number is 622-6006 and we look forward to serving you.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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