One day, Sam and Julie, along with the rest of their family, were eating dinner. They started talking about how the Olympics were going on. Cody, their older sister, wanted to be in the Olympics. She was a very good gymnast. So, her parents agreed to fly her out of town to try out for the whole weekend.

As she was gone everyone was very curious to find out about it. They wanted to know if she made it or not, or if she fell. So the day she tried out, they video taped it and mailed it straight to the family. But, it was the morning the mailman came, and Sam saw them put something in a small box in the morning so he ran out and grabbed it. It read, “My Olympic Results.” He was so excited he ran around the neighborhood yelling,” my big sister is in the Olympics, my big sister is in the Olympics…La La, Hahaha.” But suddenly… thump. The tape fell out of the box and broke open. It was no good. He had broken it. Now they had no way of knowing if she made it because she would be home tomorrow. So, he went in and the rest of the family was very upset. He was in his room for the rest of the day, and he had no dessert. That night he cried himself to sleep. “I wish, I somehow, just hope Cody made it,” he continued to say.

In the morning he woke up late. It was already 12:30. Cody was supposed to be home in 30 minutes! He quickly rose and got dressed. Their family all made a cake and got her a gift not knowing if she made it. But when they heard the door open they rushed to it and Cody just said, “I… I just don’t see how I couldn’t make it. I did my best. I did a round off, back hand spring, back tuck, triple full and threw in a variety of axles.” So everyone just comforted her and told her that she was great and they had a present for her. They all ate cake and talked about her trip and she then said, “I didn’t make it this year, but no one can tell the future!”

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