It was a sunny day in summer. I, Lauren Britt was jumping. Doing dirt jumps, that is. Four and a half feet high on my bike. I had been riding and jumping for about two hours. In order to go high you have to ride down a steep hill first to pick up speed to go up the dirt jumps. This helps you jump the jumps.

After the two hours I did not go down the hill. I went right up the jump. I fell off my bike and the bike did a back flip and landed on my arm. A shot of pain went up my arm. I screamed. Tucker, Justin and my mom came rushing over to see what happened. My mom took me home. She put ice on my sore arm.

About two hours later it wasn’t any better. Mom took me to the hospital. The doctors did an x-ray. My arm was broken. They put a soft brown cast on my arm and told me to go to a bone doctor in a few days to get a hard cast. I went to the doctor and got a highlighter pick cast. I had to wear it for about six weeks.

I went back to the hospital and got it taken off. I was excited. I would be back jumping in no time. It was great having the wind blowing against my face. The sun was shining in my eyes. It was awesome. I never thought I would be jumping again. I loved it more than anything. I learned my lesson to go down the steep hill instead of going right up the jump.

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Lauren Britt

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