Talking to God is easy; it’s listening that’s the hard part. Sometimes we hear Him just fine. Most of the time we feel in the dark. Ah, but the growth that occurs during that time… No wonder God doesn’t talk out loud!

We’re obsessed with being right. If someone says something that we know is wrong, even if it’s insubstantial, that correction burns in our throats like a hot kernel of corn. Some of us just blurt the correction out. Others do so quietly, tactfully – as if correcting an insignificant remark can be tactful. You were not so obsessed, even though Your intelligence had to be very, very high, given the Holy Spirit was so very accessible to You. When the Greek woman told You her daughter was possessed, You did not pull her aside and say, “She’s not really possessed, you see. She has a mental disorder that they will begin calling schizophrenia hundreds of years from now.” No, You just told her, “You may return home. The demon has left your daughter.”

You “incarnate” Yourself with each of us every day. You come down to our level, speaking as we speak so that we can best understand You. You do not make us feel small in Your presence, only accepted, loved, challenged perhaps, but totally okay.

May I do what I can to make others feel accepted in my presence. May I avoid the urge to be right, to be smart, to try to impress others in this way. Make me, O gentle Christ, more and more like You.




Kelley is a Christian writer and speaker from Waynedale. She hosts retreats and speaks on many issues: relationship with God, the Holy Spirit, morality, motivating children/adults to pray, surviving abuse, Scripture, church history, and God’s sense of humor.

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