Gardening can be such a fun and rewarding hobby and it can be relatively easy as long as you keep ahead of the weeds. Whether you are growing a flower or vegetable garden, staying weed-free is the first job on your list. I know we have all gone through the same “out-of-control” weed problems by the end of the season but have you learned your lesson yet?

Staying ahead of the weeds starts with weed control such as chemically spraying the existing weeds with something like Round-Up (I mention Round-Up as most folks have heard of it) or Hi Yield’s Killz-All. These type products kill the weeds all the way to the root in about 12 to 14 days. Next, till up your soil and rake through it in order to remove any weed roots or tubers. Removal of any weed branches is a good idea also as they may contain weed seeds that would start germinating at the next rainfall.

Now, just before you place your plants in your newly prepared soil, add a product known as Preen (or any other weed preventer that will not harm your plants). These type products will keep weed seeds from germinating in your soil at a later date. A little granulated garden fertilizer added to the soil before planting wouldn’t hurt either.

Now that you have done all that you can do before planting-you must try very hard every day to stay ahead of the weeds. Simply take a walk out to your gardens each day and pull or hoe them just as soon as they show up. Do not allow them to grow large enough that it takes two hands to pull them out of the ground and believe me, they can get that large in just one weeks time. Using the hoe while they are small also keeps the soil loose so that water can easily get down to the root system. Keeping ahead of the weeds truly makes gardening a pleasurable hobby.

The Waynedale News Staff

Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

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