Have you had a chance to meet him yet? If you are not a Fort Wayne resident, you may not know Dr. Tom Hayhurst. If you do not know him but saw him in a crowd somewhere you wouldn’t pick him out as a candidate for the 3rd District House of Representatives.

He doesn’t look or act like most politicians. Unless you were perceptive enough to figure out that the man who is listening intently to a constituent expressing a concern, you might not realize…that is Tom Hayhurst! It’s what he does best. Not only listening but how to deal with the issues that mean something to the “average Joe.” He’s not about to be concerned with who’s face is on a dime but what is going to be done to improve healthcare issues and fight for veterans needs.

When they wanted to close the Fort Wayne Veterans Hospital, our present representative threw up his hands to a questioning crowd and said, “What can I do about it?” Only after Tom Hayhurst proceeded to organize a group called “Veterans for Better Healthcare” in opposition to this administration’s intentions, were things put on hold and Souder decided he better get on the bandwagon.

Let’s put a man in this office who isn’t in the pocket of the present ruling party. They have become more interested in maintaining their power than seeing the real issues that concern you and me.


June Moord
Fort Wayne

The Waynedale News Staff
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