The truck ordinance committee meetings have been quite an education in a Hegelian dialectic exercise so far.‑ The truck ordinance committee debated and worked for an extended period to get themselves to a point of “global consensus” which will soon go to City Council.‑

Tell me — to whom should the weight be given in these types of opinions — those who have nothing at stake, or to those whose homes will be affected?‑ What City Council will now have to decide is the potential local impact of their decisions on the ordinance and how this will affect downtown revitalization and the neighborhoods who will be impacted by the new truck ordinance.

Our historic district needs to take a NO TRUCK stand for our corridor arterials unless there is a delivery being made in this neighborhood.‑ Otherwise the trucks — all trucks — need to take 930, 469, Lafayette and Clinton.‑ For our RESIDENTIAL gateway corridors to allow through trucks or local delivery route status will be a major mistake.‑‑

We must preserve our historic structures and make the corridors into attractive gateways to downtown.‑ To make them attractive means people must want to live in these homes long term.‑ Semi trucks have no need to be in a residential area unless they are making a delivery in that particular area.‑

As taxpayers we are paying a lot of money to specialty consultants for downtown revitalization (Blueprint) and Plan It Allen.‑ Our leaders need to listen and act upon the advice of the high priced specialists.

A compromise is not what is needed.‑ What we need is what exists in Chicago on Lakeshore Drive – NO trucks, period, a larger fine for offenses, plus local government and commercial businesses to be responsive and responsible to the community in which they function. 


To Your Health,
Judy Cole

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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