Dear Editor,

Before I was a Pastor at Skyline Community Church in Waynedale, I had extensive background in radio and television. I have been a TV news anchor and at 19 I was the youngest daily reporter in Fort Wayne on WPTA. I founded and have been the pastor of Skyline for 18 years. It is a non-denominational church known as “The church for everyday people.”

Starting March 4 at the Rave theaters is the Christian motion picture Dreamer. I was honored to play a part in this movie. We are blessed to share our thoughts with The Waynedale News.

The Rave Motion Picture Company has announced that they will be running Dreamer, The Movie from March 4 through March 10. On opening night, Friday, March 4, cast and crewmembers from the movie will be on hand to meet with the audience and answer questions about the movie. 


Pastor Greg Patten


There is no question about it, when the credits roll, you will have at least one or two unusual scenes dancing around in your memory banks, and your mind will be working overtime to formulate some sort of explanation for them. This is all part of the “DREAMER” experience. Not only will it get you thinking about quirky scenes – but it will also cause you to think about yourself, the people around you, your purpose, and where exactly you fit in this big, spinning world – possibly more deeply than you’ve ever thought about it before.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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