Broadband is broader.


If you are the type of person who listens to your computer get online then you don’t have broadband. Broadband is also referred to as DSL or Cable Modem. I’m not going to try and compare the two, but it seems pretty balanced as price and speed go.

Anyone who has broadband will testify that they will never go back to the old dial-up Internet. It is fast, it is easy, and it is in many cases worth the expense. And in the latest technology polls and Internet polls it seems as though more and more people are using the Internet.

In my recollection of the history of the Internet, the middle 1990’s brought what the history books will call the technology boom. Where Internet sights popped up faster than computers were being made. And the money for those Internet sites was the real thing that made it a boom.

After the technology boom, we’re left with a ton, of websites and information to see. And even still today there is more and more information on the Internet than in print. With a dial-up 56k Internet connection it was like seeing the Internet at a bicycler’s pace. Now with a high speed Internet connection you can visit these websites at a car speed. Only now the Super Information Highway has more to it than a bunch of billboards on it. It now has radio stations, video, and live streaming information, so not only is there more content there is better types of information.

Is this the end of dial-up Internet? Just as television was said to be the end of radio, it was not. In fact I believe that dial-up Internet will evolve into a more focused type of service. True it will never be as popular as it was, but the technology has reached a capacity in the legal sense. The telephone companies have restrictions by the FCC on a normal type dial-up phone line. As long as there are phone lines to talk on there will be a dial-up modem on a computer.

But in the coming years new technologies will make this article a history lesson as well. In the future a new technology will come, perhaps wireless, or a new high speed Internet that is faster and cheaper. Why this push? As long as the content on the demand Internet grows so will the demand to access the information grow.

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