Life is kind of like the weather forecast. We may hear …. cold, windy, freezing rain, driving conditions hazardous, visibility poor. Use extreme caution. It is good for us to use extreme caution so that we don’t slip off the spiritual highway of life, down the ravine of negativity and self-pity. We have very poor visibility if we are looking only with our self-centered ego vision and not buckled up with the love and comfort of The Creator. Surely we are headed for danger if we believe we can go it alone. Look out for hazardous conditions on a journey like that. We will be freezing with fear, doubt, anger, and sadness if we don’t look at our spiritual road map. There are many different paths and roadways along the path of life that will take us to the home of The Creator – our final destination. Which one will we take? Express, scenic, the back roads, or the interstate?

Now that we have been traveling along life’s highways and by-ways for a while, we know that we don’t have control over the weather. However, we most certainly have control over our spiritual journey. And when we take time to prepare for the journey by asking directions through prayer and faith, regardless of the weather forecast, we will be able to make this journey with sunshine in our hearts, a song upon our lips, and a gentle breeze that refreshes our spirit.

Now we can set out upon our journey well equipped, and if we should happen to have a flat along the way and need help, all we need to do is make a call to our Support of Faith Club. The number is: your Area of Faith code, followed by the number 772937. That spells out “prayer”. Help will come; you will receive the help you need. And by the way, the line is open 24 hours a day. Angels are standing by to take your call. If you wish to talk to the supervisor, just ask to speak to God. He will bless you and lead you home. All you need is to believe in His Son who has already paid for the call you made. Journey together and you will never get lost.


God Bless Us All.

Rev. Tom Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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