Terry Byrom, new Wizards radio announcer is looking forward to the Wizards 2003 season. Terry started developing a love for broadcasting as he grew up listening to Monte Moore doing the A’s, Lou Simons doing the Giants and the 49er’s, and Bill King doing Warriors and Raiders. As a youngster he would play board games and announce the game as if people were listening. In his words, “My dream came true last year and it was unbelievable to actually get a chance to do professional baseball.” He announced the 76 game schedule for the Ogden Raptors (Short season Milwaukee Brewers) of the pioneer League.

Since 1999 Byrom has been the play-by-play and color commentator for the football, basketball and baseball teams of Wabash College and three high schools in the Crawfordville, Indiana area for WIMC, WCVL, and WVXI. He also co-hosts a weekly hour long coaches show for Wabash College.

Originally from Sacramento, California, he served full time in the United States Air force, California Air National Guard and Operation Desert Storm. He coached baseball in several different programs for 10 years. This year he feels will be easier because he will be closer to wife Sandy and 140 games is more of a normal season.

Terry states, “I cant’ think of anything else I’d rater do than to tell the story of a baseball game 140 Days/Nights a year. Being able to “go to work” at a baseball park is more than I should ever dreamed, while growing up.”

I think the Wizards fans will like Terry Byrom.

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