I’ve preached all along that we should not have to beg our local, county, state, and federal government for permission to carry a weapon (gun) to protect our home, family, personal self, and property. We should not have to be finger printed, registered, or carry a card that says we have someone’s permission to carry such a weapon or have jour guns registered.

After the destruction of the World Trade Center there has been a rush to local gun stores to purchase weapons for protection. This is all well and good. This shows the Brady’s, the Gores, and the Clinton’s that we don’t want more gun laws and that we do have the right to protect ourselves. The terrorists took out several thousand people with box cutters. What would the outcome have been if everyone on the airplane had a weapon?

People are buying weapons; that’s good. People are starting to realize that we must protect ourselves; there just aren’t enough policemen to do a thorough job of it. We can now make criminals think twice before they break into our homes or accost us on the street. This is good.


What good is a weapon if we don’t know how to use it, have never fired one, don’t know how to load it, or how to handle it safely? Call your nearest police station, sheriff’s department, state police post, the DNR (your best bet), or the NRA and find out where you can obtain instructions on handling your gun safely. Also ask where you can go to practice with it. There is a firing range at the Huntington Reservoir and at Pigeon River Fish & Wildlife area at Mongo, Indiana. You might want to go to one of these places to practice.

Call your local gun store and see if they have a shooting range and if they teach courses on gun safety. It is good that more and more people are buying weapons but if you don’t know how to use them they won’t do you any good.

As always some of you will agree with me and some will disagree, so write to me at 2700 Lower Huntington Road, Waynedale, IN 46809 and say what’s on your mind. We’ll print only the letters that are signed but we’ll leave out your name if you want us to.


(NOTE: Read THE GREAT OUTDOORS elsewhere in THE WAYNEDALE NEWS for some information on shooting ranges and some that are available through the IDNR [Indiana Department of Natural Resources.] Check the web site at the bottom of the column for more information.)

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