You know who you are. You broke the padlock on the Boy Scout Troop trailer parked behind Calvary United Methodist Church at 6301 Winchester Road and ran off with Dutch ovens, camps stoves, tents, and other equipment. The police have been notified, fingerprints are being checked, and the neighbors are being questioned. All walkers and bikers that use the area are asked to come forward with any information on recent activity behind the church.

What did you guys get, really? You have a headache now as to how you’re going to hide the stuff, get rid of it, explain to any buyers how you got equipment with Troop 38 and other names etched into the metal. Oh, and you now may have the IDNR on alert and they may be inspecting camping equipment in all the state parks looking for you or anyone you sold the equipment to. Ohio could soon follow.

You made away with equipment worth over $1,000 and it will take that much or more to replace it due to inflation since it was purchased. The Dutch ovens were used not only on the Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Cub Scout camp outs but were used to make the troop’s world famous cornbread to sell to the public at their yearly moneymaker, the Johnny Appleseed Festival.

We aren’t offering any reward for information leading to your arrest and conviction; God will take care of that punishment for us. We are asking the good citizens of Waynedale to help us replace what we have lost. If anyone has camping equipment that they no longer use and want to donate it to the cause, please contact THE WAYNEDALE NEWS or drop it off at Calvary United Methodist Church – (PLEASE!). If you want to make a monetary donation towards buying new equipment, please do it by check or money order and make them out to BSA Troop 38, not to the church. Thank you very much.

If the people who appropriated our equipment, did it for a prank, and want to return it (no questions asked) please drop it off someplace and let us know where to pick it up.  Contact Chris Rowlett at 260-705-0862 or Ray McCune at 260-747-6512.

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