Are you looking for a pet that’s loving, energetic, and will eat just about anything you feed it? The 2008 Old Farmer’s Almanac offers tips on why a pig is considered one of the best pets.

The pig is the friendliest animal in the neighborhood: always available for a scratch behind the ears, hardly ever moody, and quick with a grunt of delight.

Food items that are no longer fit for consumption by people or other animals (rancid milk, leftovers from the supper table, spoiled hay) are all delicious delights for the accommodating pig.

Have a daunting pile of winter manure that needs to be addressed? Poke some holes in it, fill them with grain, and let the pigs at it. You’ll have light, well-turned compost in a month or so.


Porkine Facts and Figures

The fastest member of the pig family is the warthog, which can reach speeds of 35 mph.

Though “pigging out” is synonymous with gluttony, the stomach of a pig is proportionately much smaller than that of a cow or sheep.

To find out how much a pig weighs, measure its girth (in inches) by wrapping a tape measure around the animal just behind the front legs. Then measure the length from the ears to the base of the tail. The pig’s weight (in pounds) will be equal to the square of the girth, times the length, divided by 400. (If math isn’t your thing, buy a hog tape at the feed store; the calculations are built into it.)

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