Years ago Major League Baseball started April 18 and Minor League started May 1. It was cold. Now both start much earlier and the sports announcers tell us its cold. Cleveland Indians had a unique situation when they switched some of their home games to Milwaukee.

Around October 31, 2006 Bill Plaschke had an article, “World Series no longer works, Best teams should play on a neutral site.”

The Sporting News 11-10-06 had a story, “It’s time to bring the Series from the cold.”

Todd Jones, Detroit Tiger pitcher, writes a column called the “Closer.” In the 10-06-06 issue of the Sporting News he wrote, “It’s time to let more teams into the playoffs.”

Major League Baseball might pick up on Todd Jones’ idea, as that would bring in more money. The Baseball Commissioner’s image is measured on how much money baseball takes in.

Adding more teams to the playoffs will take more days before the World Series. This could cause the Series to start the first week in November. Sports announcers will tell us it is cold.

Neutral sites in southern cities or domed ballparks might make sense. However, the October 30, 2006 article stated, “Series rating hit record low for second year. Series starting later will place baseball competing with NFL, NBA and NHL.”

Neutral sites and expansion of playoff may make sense to some people as we could have the World Series decided in 11 games ending in the middle of November and then start the World Classic.

What ever happens—money will decide the outcome.

Even with no changes in baseball its season is too long, and That’s The Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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