Editors note: The following is a letter saying that the conservatives are taking over the world and robbing us of our freedoms.


I feel an overwhelming sadness for my grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations of Americans. The seeds of our destruction were and are being sewn by ultra-right wing, corporate-owned politicians, complacent Americans, and fear-filled people who are willing to trade false-security for their liberty and civil rights and they will unfortunately end up with neither. A devastating class war in America is currently in progress, but it’s not peasants pitted against the powerful and wealthy, it’s the other way around and the new 4th Reich is winning.

While an imaginary war against drugs, terrorism and the so-called spread of democracy around the world is being propagandized by a corporate-owned media, our national treasury, constitution, bill of rights, entrapment laws and many other civil liberties are being gutted by Nazi’s who have legalized torture, and empowered local, state and federal police to confiscate private property.

Sir Edmond Burke an extremely conservative English politician from the 16th century wrote an essay condemning the French Revolution and in it he stated peasants have no justification for revolting against their king unless he starts confiscating their private property.

He further stated the only legitimate reason for a violent revolution is if the government in power starts seizing private property! His eloquent, bombastic attack on the free French centered around the proposition that citizens pay taxes to protect their liberty and private property from being confiscated by foreign governments and therefore it made no sense for the peoples own government to seize their private property for any reason except back taxes or treason!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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