As early as June 2001 the Journal Gazette had an article: ‘Contraction in Baseball.’ This article stated after June 2001 Major League Baseball owners would meet in Pittsburg to discuss business, labor issues, and one word will surely surface on a regular basis, contraction. Contraction is the opposite of expansion.

This article mentioned Tampa Bay and Arizona. The Journal Gazette article November 7, 2001 was titled: ‘Owners Vote to Cut Teams.’ Montreal, Minnesota, Florida, Oakland and Tampa Bay had been discussed earlier during 2001.

The November 8, 2001 (News Sentinal) had a picture of a fan standing in front of their stadium with a home made sign: Lakers, Northstars, Twins?

The November 14, 2001 issue of USA Today Baseball Weekly had an article by Paul White, titled: Does He Think We Are a Bunch of Idiots?

Baseball contractions plan attacks another shortsighted money grab. Owners lose Collusion Cases. Owners expand by four teams to help collusion damages. Selig was evasive in his contraction announcements.

Some say the best trades in baseball are those not made.

Later it boiled down to two teams, Expos and Twins.

The Twins did very well after much talk. The Expos moved to Washington and are doing fairly well this year.

Later an article appeared: ‘Owners Newest Tale of Woe Viewed by Players as Fiction.’

A lot of talk about nothing.

That’s The Way I Saw It.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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