by Denver Howard


The Cleveland Manager Eric Wedge was born and raised in Fort Wayne. He came up through Fort Wayne’s youth baseball programs and played for Northrup High School when they won the Indiana High School Championship. He played college ball at Wichita State and four years in the Major Leagues as a catcher.

I think catchers make the best managers: Paul Richards, Connie Mack, Mickey Cochrane, Al Lopez, Joe Torre, and Bob Coleman in the minor leagues were all catchers.

This year at Winter Haven I was determined to get some autographed balls of Eric Wedge for our museum in Auburn, Indiana. I bought three Cleveland Indians spring training balls and talked to one of the security guards. He took the balls and said he would give them to the major league clubhouse security guard and an appointment was made to pick them up the next day.

When I went back the next day, he said the balls came back in about ten minutes, stating that they couldn’t be bothered with something like that.

The security guard then went beyond the call of duty. He saw Mrs. Wedge leaving the ballpark and explained the situation.

She said, “Give the balls to me. I’ll take care of that.”

The next day I picked up three Eric Wedge autographed balls. The next day after that, I delivered two boxes of citrus candy for the security guards and one for Mrs. Wedge.

Things can be accomplished if you try real hard.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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