To the Editor:

On September 30th, I witnessed a fabulous sight. Something I thought was gone with the changing of time. You know, all the hussle and bustle, not having enough time to enjoy one another as a family. But there it was, that sunny Saturday, families in the park for a picnic, mothers, fathers, kids, and grandparents – families together. I’m speaking of the 1st Annual Waynedale Picnic.

It brought back such fond memories of when my daughter was little. Sundays were our quality time day. Several times we would pack a lunch and head to Waynedale Park. You see this park is very unique; it has black squirrels.

We would spread our blanket on the ground, eat our lunch, and watch the squirrels scurry about. Lots of time was spent on the playground equipment and tennis courts. This park was also the center for my daughter’s leaf collection project for school.

On September 30th the past was brought forth by 5 very special people, Beulah Stoker, Cheryl Connett, Renee Laugh, Officer Cornell Wiley, and of course, Tom Hayhurst. The energy of the above mentioned on this project was outstanding. Donations and support from our area businesses was plentiful.

There was more food than one could ask for; if you walked away hungry it was your fault. The magician was such a delight, he left many of us scratching our heads and saying, “How did he do that?” Need I say the moonwalk was a great big hit? There were lots of games and face painting. All of this with music in the background setting the mood for fun. But best of all it was FREE. Thanks to the Fab Five.

I do have to take a moment and thank Officer Wiley for being the person he is. The admiration for you that I saw not only the kids eyes but parents as well was overwhelming. At one point while watching the kids in the moonwalk, a mother came up to her son and said, “Officer Wiley is here.” This young lad gave up his place in line and with mother in tow, went to talk to you. What a fabulous inspiration you are to the kids. You are truly the Mayor of Waynedale!

Thank you all for a job well done.

See you next year.

Gay L. Gerbers

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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