I’ve often daydreamed about what I’d do if I had all the power in the world. Would I solve world hunger or create a new species of flower? Would I end war or engineer a pink cow that actually did produce strawberry milk? Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey, The Majestic) is given the opportunity to make these tough decisions in the new comedy Bruce Almighty. Bruce is a reporter for the local Buffalo five o’clock news show who is competing for the anchor position. As more and more stupid stories land on his shoulders and all the good ones go to the competition, Bruce begins to get frustrated and when he doesn’t get the job, he snaps. Bruce is irritated with his life and feels like God is picking on him. After being accused of not doing his job, God (Morgan Freeman) gets a little irritated too. He decides to take a vacation, leaving all his powers and responsibilities in Bruce’s hands. At first, Bruce works solely for himself, and causes mass chaos in doing so, and once he starts answering prayers by just saying, “yes” to all of them, things only get worse. In the end, Bruce’s selfishness causes him to loose his girlfriend of five years, Grace (Jennifer Aniston, Friends). Through loosing Grace he learns to see the world beyond himself and through being God, he learns that there are miracles around him everyday if he just opens his eyes to see them.

Jim Carrey has always been a great physical comedian and he once again proved himself to be slick with shtick. He and Aniston have great comedic chemistry that adds some punch to the plot. My friends and I laughed so hard some of us were in tears. It’s a good thing that the movie was so comical, because the plot was so cheesy. Sure, it was touching too, but it still had its lame points.

Aside from comedic effect, the movie also had some great visual effects to accentuate the physicality of Carrey’s comedy, including Bruce lassoing the moon with invisible robe, pulling it in and tying it down.

All things considered, Bruce Almighty is a hysterical physical comedy that had a good point to it too. If we all open our eyes, we can not only see the miracles around us, but be a miracle to someone else as well.

The Waynedale News Staff
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