Lived in Waynedale for 45 years. My parents, (E.W. Dafforn), lived there. I am still interested in what goes on there. Keep up the good work.
Marclyn J. Hilbert, Howe, IN

We enjoy the variety of articles. Marion Amick

Cancel Mrs. Waynedale or have her clean up her act. My grandchildren read The Waynedale News. Her articles do not make me want to eat at the places she writes about. Afraid I might run into her and her tubby hubby. He will be the one wearing the bib. Otherwise it is a fine paper. Dorothy

Have enjoyed your newspaper. Please continue dropping off my paper. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. Lovely

We enjoy the stories in The Waynedaler. Keep up the good work. Delmer Grotrian

Need to do a story about the manager of Peerless Cleaners in Waynedale. She is one of the nicest people who live and work in Waynedale. She’s also my wife. Jack Ballinger

Have wife in nursing home so cancel my paper, and I can’t afford it.
Editors Note: (We’ll keep it coming your way, thanks for being a faithful reader).

Really enjoy reading! Keep up the great work! Good Service! Charles F. Chester

Enjoy reading about all the news from the Waynedale area (past & present). Brings back lots of wonderful memories. Waynedale was and is a beautiful community. Miss it very much. Best of luck now and in the future with The Waynedale News. Andrea (Smith) Croft, Albion, IN

We love your paper and tell Mrs. Waynedale to keep up the good work. Maurice Wyss

I enjoy The Waynedale News, I have friends in the area. I enjoy coverage given. Linda Downing

We are enjoying your paper very much. We especially like the article comparing Waynedale and Istanbul. Your paper has many articles of interest that reach a broad spectrum. Jud & Rochelle Lehman

Keep up the good work. Always enjoy reading it. I had lived in Waynedale for over 30 years. Evelyn Felger

Great, I give my copy to my ‘out of the area’ daughter. Robert Walter

You provide a good service to our area. Keep up the good work, thanks. Charles Powell

Keep up the good work. Mary and I look forward to the next Waynedale News. Mick McOmber, Columbia City.

Sometimes it is in the driveway or front porch. I would like it in the mailbox if possible. Gertrude Garretson

We really enjoy the small-town paper. Paul E. Henry

Thanks. Glenn Colburn

I really like this newspaper. Betty Becraft

Good Job. Chuck Dwyer

Great, Terrific Newspaper. Please send me three more subscription forms, which I will use for gifts.
Rosalie Waldrop

Congratulations on the improvements you continue to make. Keith Baughman

Doing a fine job, Bob and staff. Thomas Purkiser

Have been receiving it for a long time and I have only paid $10. Forrest Jewell

Informative. Keep up the good work. Carl Ormiston

Good little paper. James L. Collins

I enjoy receiving the news. Max Graf III

A very nice paper! Marsha Heller

Love your paper. Mrs. E. Mills

Have always enjoyed reading your paper. Look forward to having it delivered. Thanks! Allen C. Ward

We appreciate the paper so much. The news of the community and the schools. Our carrier, Bryan Cox does a great job. Richard & Ruth Strole

We have had to toss the paper several times due to it being soaking wet. We would prefer it be mailed.
Jay and Jo Migneney

I enjoy your newspaper – especially “IN FAITH”.
Tony and Elaine Herber

Received my free copy and enjoyed it much!
Mrs. Josephine Halter

Keep up the good work. I enjoy your paper very much.
Roy Ellingwood

Thanks for a great newspaper, keep up the good work! Harry Thomas

I enjoy doing the puzzle. It was good on my imagination process for stimulating my brain. I’m hoping kids didn’t find it too challenging for their brain. Mrs. Jeanne Lamb

Saw the paper at East of Chicago-Times Corner – it looks great! Thanks, David Studinski

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