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Downtown Public Art Trail Soundwalk Dedicated

City officials and the Fort Wayne Public Art Commission dedicated the Downtown Public Art Trail Soundwalk. The dedication was held at the Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument, located at the northwest corner of Ewing Street and West Main Street. The Pillars of Hope of Justice monument marks the trail’s starting point. The public art monument, honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in Fort Wayne, commemorates its first anniversary since its dedication in 2023.

The Downtown Public Art Trail SoundWalk is a dynamic walking trail of public art that is guided and enhanced by music and narration accessed by a free mobile application that heightens the listener’s experience. The music is uniquely composed by local musicians and composers to connect each public art location and will change based on the time of day and the weather. Each location also has narration that describes the origin and story of each piece. The SoundWalk was developed by Kurt Roembke in partnership with the Public Art Commission.

The artists selected by Roembke to perform and participate in the creation of Downtown Public Art Trail SoundWalk application include Derek Reeves, Erica Anderson-Senter, Metavari, Noah Campodonico, HQ the Producer, Know No Other, Sankofa, Tesla Chapman, and Alondra Araujo-Ruiz.

In addition to the Pillars of Hope and Justice Monument, the trail includes several notable locations:

  • City Roundabout at West Superior St, Ewing Street, and Fairfield Ave.
  • Convergence at Promenade Park;
  • Foliatum at Headwaters Park West
  • Hamilton Sisters at Headwaters Park East
  • Little Turtle at Headwaters Park East
  • Hemholtz at Friemann Square Park
  • Various outdoor sculptures at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art
  • Metaform sculpture and mural at East Columbia Street and St. Joseph Boulevard
  • The 4th Street Graffiti Wall at the St. Marys Pathway west of Spy Run Avenue

Each location has a sign with a QR code that directs participants to the SoundWalk mobile application.

“The Downtown Public Art Trail SoundWalk is a terrific addition to our public art collection”, said Nancy Stewart, Public Art Commission Vice Chair. “Not only does it connect our public art pieces, but it is also a form of public art itself, with specifically composed music and spoken word.”

“This unique and creative mobile application, developed by local artist Kurt Rombke, celebrates our diverse local talent as it delivers art both in its content and in it the way it connects residents and visitors to our public art offerings downtown”, said Jonathan Leist, Director of Community Development.

The Public Art Commission and the Public Art Program was created in 2018 by former mayor Tom Henry and City Council. The Public Art Commission is tasked with commissioning, reviewing and selecting art to be displayed in public spaces with the goal to enhance the visual environment and strengthen the positive reputation, brand and stature of Fort Wayne and its neighborhoods.

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