At 12:01 A.M on November 1, at the conclusion of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, 103.9 Wayne FM (WWFW) officially made the move and became “The Christmas Station”, playing around the clock Christmas music for the holiday season.

“Halloween is now behind us, and I know many are ready for the holiday season to begin” says 103.9 Wayne FM Director of Programming Robbie Mack. “There will be people putting up Christmas trees in their homes around Fort Wayne today, and as ‘Fort Wayne’s Home for the Holiday’s’, we are proud to be their favorite radio station.” Mack adds, “In a year that was emotionally taxing for so many, Christmas music will be a welcome escape. The warm memories of childhood, our own family traditions, and the good will towards our friends, neighbors and strangers. We’ll be playing all of the songs you know and love from Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Mariah Carey, Johnny Mathis, Gene Autry, and so many more.” For the 7th consecutive year as The Christmas Station, 103.9 Wayne FM is proud to partner on many great events throughout the Fort Wayne community, like Christmas on Broadway and Blue Jacket’s Fantasy of Lights at Franke Park.

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