Colony Shops of Waynedale, before & after facade grant improvements.
Could your business use a facelift? It’s possible that your business may qualify for a Façade Grant covering up to 50% of the expenses of a project.

The Waynedale News and Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne will hold its 3rd annual summit for any business or commercial property owner who is interested in learning more about the Fort Wayne Commercial Façade Grant program on October 3, at 2pm at Kingston Residence of Fort Wayne (7515 Winchester Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46819).

Last year, three businesses in or near the Waynedale community received a Façade Grant. This event features an informative presentation and a short Q & A session by Grants Specialist, Lindsey Maksim of The City of Fort Wayne.

“The grant is a great opportunity for businesses and commercial property owners to improve the appeal of their storefront at a reduced cost.” Alex Cornwell, Publisher of The Waynedale News and former grant recipient continues, “This program assisted us, as well as many other businesses around Waynedale in recent years with updating the face of our building. We are proud to again work with Kingston Residence to co-host the summit where business owners can learn and ask questions about the program. Just driving around Waynedale, there is a noticeable difference compared to before the program existed. A better looking Waynedale is not only great to promote local shopping, but for residents to enjoy a nice appearance of their community as well.”

The City of Fort Wayne created the Commercial Façade Grant Program (CFG) to help businesses transform their buildings’ facades and revitalize the City’s corridors. The program provides a 50% matching grant to eligible businesses that are located within an Economic Development Target Area (EDTA). The purpose is to improve the appearance of their building and the surrounding site. By visually enhancing the exterior of buildings, businesses increase their property values, maintain their marketability, and demonstrate confidence. The CFG program works to assist those owners to promote reinvestment, strengthen Fort Wayne’s commercial activity and enhance economic vitality in the City’s heart.

Applications for the 2018 construction season will be accepted from November 13, 2017 – December 16, 2017.

If you can’t make the event, and are interested in applying for the 2017-2018 Commercial Facade Grant Program or are looking for more information on the grant, please contact Grants Specialist, Lindsey Maksim at or call 311.

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