Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you that I’m almost over the Gilly Whumps or whatever my mom used to call what I contacted about once a year. Now days everyone says I have allergies, the doctor says I have bronchitis, my friend from down south says that whooping cough is going around and I may have caught it when Wayney Poo and I went to visit over the last holidays. One neighbor up here says I have pneumonia and well, I don’t know what to believe. I just know Wayne and I both have it or had it since it’s mostly cleared up now and it’s taken a month and a half to get to where my chest doesn’t hurt when I cough and my lungs don’t rattle like they used to.

During that time our appetites weren’t worth spit and nothing tasted good at all. I think I lost 10 pounds by not eating, which isn’t too bad since I lost what I gained between Christmas and New Years. Want to lose weight? Don’t eat; but it helps if you don’t feel like eating which I don’t recommend trying. Anyway my little darlin’ and I are on the road to recovery. Thank you for the cards and letters and even the e-mails although some of them weren’t so kindly written.

A neighbor called and asked if we had had supper one night and I told her that we didn’t feel like eating but she insisted on bringing us food any way. This is what she brought and I’m sure she went out of her way to get it since the restaurant is almost all the way across town from here.

She brought us a super batch of Pop Eye’s Chicken with all the fixin’s. I mean there was plenty of chicken (both regular and hot), lots of biscuits, two containers of mashed potatoes with gravy, and red beans with rice. Now normally I would relish such a platter before me and have no qualms about gaining a few ounces but this food didn’t even bring a slobber to my lips. I think my taste buds were shot, so we thanked her and said we’d try to eat some later.

We put everything except the beans and rice in the refrigerator. We sat on the couch with two spoons and shared those. The only thing I recall tasting is the smoky flavor and that was good as I can tell. It let me know that there was a little proof of our tasters coming back. Thanks Gertrude; we did get the chicken out a day or two later and warmed it up in the microwave. It was delicious and the mashed potatoes and gravy went down smoothly without causing a coughing spasm. We froze the biscuits for later on.

I wish we had a ‘chicken joint’ around here. I have come to fall in love with #1 Pop Eye’s Chicken, #2 Lee’s Chicken, and #3 KFC (extra crispy) but I really can’t say they’re in that order. After that I would have to say Hall’s chicken, Richard’s chicken, Kroger’s rotisserie chicken, and then Meijer’s. Then there’s Penguin Point chicken which I dearly love but I do wish their chicken pieces were larger. There you have it, the ravings of a person who’s been coughing and not feeling good for a while.

Oh, and I have to caution you on Pop Eye’s (hot) chicken. No complaint but if you haven’t had their hot chicken then better ask for just one piece and try that before ordering a larger amount.

It’s getting to be spring time in Branson, Missouri and time for us to head down for a long over due vacation. We’ll be gone about a month or maybe a little longer; there are a lot of shows we want to see and a couple of ‘places’ where we can re-new our tans. With the way we’ve been feeling lately it may take us a while to get to feeling like we did this time last year. The natural hot spring waters always helped before and we’re counting on that to help us get back on our feet this time also.

Sorry I couldn’t give you dear readers more notice but the invite call from the spa owner just came in and she said that there was an opening if we wanted it. The non-returnable payment was already made and we could have the room for nothing. It helps when you have relatives in the right places. So, until later;

“Wayne, why are you packing all that underwear?”

Publisher’s Note:
It has come to our attention that some of Mrs. Waynedale’s comments in her last column may have been misinterpreted as a few individuals wrote to her with unappreciative tone and language. Since the submission of this article, she has informed us that she will most likely not be continuing writing when she returns from vacation due to some of what she calls ‘grumpy’ comments. After a long conversation, we told her we appreciate her voluntary time and effort of writing for the community every issue and we are sorry to see her go. Maybe she’ll feel a little more appreciated if you write in and let her know how you feel about her articles.

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