Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you what Wayne and I did the other day and NO it isn’t what you’re expecting me to say about my or our love life even though I like to brag about it once in a while but right now I have other things to think about although come to think about it really there isn’t anything more important than the love life of any ‘married’ couple depending on what you want to go into as pertaining to ‘love life’ and what you want to mention that is strictly private and not for public announcement but then where do you draw the line as to communicating between two people which I find out in my handy dandy Webster’s dictionary the word intercourse has a different meaning if you don’t add the word sexual in front of it and there is a mostly Amish community called Intercourse, Pennsylvania so if intercourse is a no-no word then EXCUSE me for bringing it up in the first place, so there which by the way has a couple of different meanings one of which is communication if you haven’t already looked it up with a teenager’s curiosity like most kids do when searching the books for so called dirty words they can use to shock their parents with like I did when I was just a snip of a girl in my short pre-teeniest years.

Anyway, as I was saying before I thought about what you thought I was going to say about our love life, Wayne and I went for a little ride in Caddy the other day and it was such a pleasant time. It was very sunny and one of the few that we’ve had this winter where I just wanted to run au natural though the house but remembered the last time I did that I slipped and fell and bruised something and I won’t tell you what it was but if you must know we couldn’t for a week. That was almost as bad as when Wayne did the same thing only with a little different twist on the location of his spot. That’s why we went for a ride to enjoy the sunshine in a safer atmosphere and not be tempted into putting our bodies at risk.

We went south for a little change and made a big u-turn in the state; that is we went one way and came back another, not like a complete short u-turn like in the middle of the street or anything like that where you’re going one way and then going the opposite way with just a turn of the wheel; you understand.
It was such a lovely drive when we went south on 33 and then turned even southier onto 27 in Decatur and then headed down past Geneva to Bryant and then turned left or east as it were and stopped at Bear Creek Farms for lunch but we were running short of time and didn’t get to go to their Good Times Theatre.

When we were there a couple of years ago they had singing and dancing and corny jokes like they did in Vaudeville times and they allowed us to sing along sometimes. I’m not sure what was going on in the theatre when we were there this time; I was so disappointed I didn’t even look. I want to go back and spend a romantic night in one of their log cabins. I think it would be goodern any motel room we’ve ever spent the night in. Oh, we just had such a lovely time there and we hated to leave but it was getting dark so we headed west over towards Montpelier and caught route 3 north to go back to Fort Wayne.
Wayne didn’t bring the map again and we got lost and wound up roaming around Huntington for a while (actually we only got lost there temporarily) and I’m not sure how we wound up in Huntington but it did make it easy to come home; we just took 24 north.

We decided to stop by a Wendy’s restaurant for a refreshing Frosty, we found they have them in both chocolate and vanilla now. Wayne got a small vanilla and I got a small chocolate and we swapped when they were about halfway gone. I still like chocolate better than vanilla. We ate those and got two more small chocolates to go; there just isn’t enough in a small one to satisfy me I can tell you that now. I’m going to order a large one next time.

We also got a couple of Double Stack Hamburgers and some fries to eat on our way back to Waynedale. We had such a lovely time. We didn’t hurry but just took our time and kept our speed low around 40 to 45 miles per hour on the highway all the way down, over, and back.

We found there are a lot of friendly folks out there on the highway especially the truck drivers. They were all honking at us and waving to us using what Wayne called the Hawaiian peace sign. He said that they don’t use all their fingers when they give it to you because that’s the way they eat poi over there which I took to be a national dish of sorts.

He said that it’s a dish made from pounding a root to a pulp and it comes two ways, a thick one-finger poi and a thinner two-finger poi. I guess they must have been eating thick poi because they were giving us their one-finger peace sign salute. I didn’t have any poi so I dipped my finger in my Frosty, licked it off and waved back, several times. They could have at least smiled.
Until next time,

“Wayne, do you want to dip your finger in my Frosty?”

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