Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you what we did the other day and no it’s not dirty as some old fogies have written in to complain about because I dared to speak of our love life. I think they complain because, “… they ain’t gettin’ any,” as my cute little tubby mate would say. I’m sorry but think about what a better, more pleasant, calmer place this world would be if people spent more time lovin’ and less time fussin’. In fact if they got more lovin’ they would be in a better mood and probably wouldn’t have anything to fuss about at all. Honey, why do you think I’m in such a pleasant mood all the time?
Anyway, what I started to say, before my mind dropped to a lower level, is Wayne took me to Applebee’s for lunch. He said it was a might early for Valentine’s Day but none the less if you want to get anything out of Wayne then you almost always do it his way and when he wants to do it, except for ‘some’ things which I control but willingly give up from time to time if you know what I mean; ‘wink’ ‘wink’.
As I was saying, this Valentine’s Day stuff gets me all excited you know. I remember our very first Valentine’s Day evening together. Wayne was working out of town, in fact he was almost out of state, but he drove in just to see me and to bring me a Valentine’s Day card, and a red silk scarf, and a very large red heart shaped box of chocolates, and a very expensive red ruby necklace, and a pair of fancy red lace undies, which he said was really for him but to tell you the truth I don’t think he could have gotten them on so I took them.
I wear them once a year on Valentine’s Day just for him and I noticed they are getting thread bare and it’s not from setting in my drawer if you get my drift. I must get a Victoria’s Secret catalog and order a new pair; I better order two. He also bought me a shimmery red see through negligee so you can see how much he was in love with me. I thought he was pretty cute also and when he proposed that Valentine’s Day, well, I just got giddy all over and said yes. Now that I’m a bit older and more knowledgeable I should have had him sign a pre-nuptial, no-snore contract before I agreed to be his bride.
Sorry, I get carried away sometimes and anyway we/he picked a day in the middle of the week to go to Applebee’s when there wasn’t a lot of traffic either in the street or in the restaurant and so we got gussied up and went out. He wore his new jeans and fishing vest and I put on something that was easy to get into; oh, I must stop this, hee hee; sorry.
Anyway, we got to the restaurant out on Coventry Lane and there was hardly anyone there except for a few stragglers watching TV and drinking beer. Our waitress’ name was Jennifer and she was the most pleasantest little thing to talk to. I do wish that all waitresses were as nice as she was.
Anyway, she brought us water with a slice of lemon like we like along with the menu. We were watching the birds out the window tussling over a bread scrap when our eyes caught on to all the decorations that Applebee’s has hung on the walls around the restaurant. Why we could have spent an hour just looking at all the paraphernalia (I just learned that word) that the owners have all around the place. Some of it is old and some of it is new. I’m sure some of it was borrowed and some of it pertained to our colleges’ sporting programs.
We looked at the menu and Wayne remembered the Applebee’s advertisement on TV for their Asiago Sirloin Pepper Steak. I’ll admit that the picture on the menu looked good enough to eat but I wanted more veggies with my steak so I ordered the Garlic Herb Shrimp steak and it had loads of vegetables with it. It only cost about sixty-nine cents more than Wayne’s and he said that he was going to order that the next time out. If only Wayne could grill his meat like that.
My steak was so tender I really didn’t need a steak knife but it did make it a little easier to cut and I’m one of those persons who can’t eat with one hand in my lap. I just have to be doing something with the hand that doesn’t hold the fork so I hold the knife and have since learned to eat left-handed like the Europeans do.
When we were almost done and Wayne knowing I like chocolate asked Jennifer what dessert she would suggest and, she said, “How about a nice dish, like the Brownie Bites?” He ordered me a serving and I want to tell you right now, you just have to try it. I asked Wayne if he wanted to nibble on my brownie bites and he spilled his water. He choked a “NO!” and refused politely to nibble so I went ahead and enjoyed the dessert. Our bill came to $25.14 minus the tip. We had a $25 gift card that one of our children had gotten us for Christmas so we had a memorable meal for only fourteen cents. Wayne left Jennifer a generous tip that was more than 15-percent.
I hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day and that it left you in a better mood in spite of the cold snowy weather.
Until next time, TAA TAAA.
“Wayne, do want some of my brownie now?”

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