Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you, Wayne and I went for a drive the other day. You know the usual drive to the post office, the bank, the hardware, Walgreen’s, Hill’s Market, and we filled the gas tank on Caddy just before the price jumped up again.

You won’t believe this but my cute little, I’ll-fill-the-tank-while-you-stay-warm-in-the-car Honey Dear offered to top off the tank while I read a chapter in my latest Guide Post magazine, the sweetie pie. Well, in spite of the bitter cold he jumped out of the car wearing only a sweat shirt (no coat) and yes he did have his pants on; and he filled the tank to the brim at the Handy Dandy filling station just up the road.
He jumped back in the car and was figuring out how many miles we got to the gallon since the last fill up when all of a sudden the electric sign high up on the pole changed and the price jumped way up. When we pulled in beside the pump the price was about $2.97 per gallon which to my way of thinking is screwing the public any way you look at it, but then wait till you hear the rest. The price jumped to $3.19 a gallon in just the time it took for Wayne to fill the tank and get back in the car.

We got the cheaper gasoline price so I guess we should be happy with that but it irks me to see the gasoline prices at all the area filling stations fluctuate like they do and fluctuate is not the word my sweet little ex-Navy language speaking darlin’ used to express his opinion against all oil companies and the present Democratic administration I can tell you that; he included them all and, as he put it, “ . . . and the horse they rode in on.” I don’t believe his recitation was supposed to be flattering.

The only thing I can say to compensate for the way things are going fuel wise is, “If you don’t like the price of gasoline, don’t drive.” I mean that in a friendly save–a-buck way. It wouldn’t hurt any of us residents of Waynedale, Indiana to just park our vehicles and put a little wear on our shoe leather. Heavens, we’re so near everything here, we can get out and foot trot to the nearest facility we want to do business with. Think about it. From our place we can walk to just about every place where we do business, the barber, the post office, the library, the beauty shop, Azar’s, Walgreen’s, Family Dollar, Dollar General, the bank, Scott’s, and the China Palace restaurant.

Oh, and speaking of the China Palace, we hadn’t eaten there in a long time and I mean a loooooog time due to a bad experience we had there many many moons ago. Well the girls at Beautiful You hair salon said that they have eaten there and the food was great so while we were out gallivanting around, and it being a little after lunch hour, we decided to give them another try since it’s been so long. What can I say? The place is very clean and neat; the waitress was very warm and friendly; the service was exceptional; the food was delicious; and the prices were just where two elderly people on a pension can afford and the oriental music in the background made it so romantic but there was too much light to play footsies under the table.
The cute little waitress served us water right away and left a menu. We took our time and she seemed to know when we were ready to order. Some waitresses keep bugging you about, “. . . are you ready to order yet.” She came around, filled our water glasses, and took our order at the precise time.

I ordered the Mongolian Beef and Wayne ordered the Shrimp Broccoli. We were going to order a side order of Fried Rice but the kind waitress said that the food came with fried rice so that saved us about $5-something but we would have wound up taking what we didn’t eat home with us. Oh, and the meal came with soup. I got the hot & sour and my cute little soup slurper got the egg drop. Both were delicious; I snuck a spoonful or two of Wayne’s.

Anyway, the Mongolian Beef was delicious and there was a lot of stir fried beef and loads of green onions which I just dearly love and the sauce was out of this world. It was served up on a bed of rice noodles with a big scoop of fried rice. I remembered to bring both Pepsid tablets and breathe mints with me. Any time I eat onions Mother Nature says for me to head the heartburn off at the pass and I do. Wayne on the other hand can eat a brick and it won’t bother him the little walking #&%@*% cast-iron-stomach person and I mean that in a loving way.

I like to taste everybody’s food at the table but Wayne won’t cooperate and usually orders something I don’t like. This time it was the broccoli and I hate broccoli and I think that’s why he order it so I won’t let him touch my Mongolian Beef or any thing else for that matter for at least a week. That should teach him.

Anyway, by ordering water instead of something else to drink, we kept our bill down. My Mongolian Beef was $5.45 and Wayne’s Shrimp Broccoli was $5.65 and we had to order a box to take what we couldn’t eat home with us. I do wish Wayne would stop ordering a ‘hog trough’ to take our leftovers home, the cute little dear. He did leave a nice tip though.

Till next time, TAA TAAA.

“Wayne, Honey, I’ll let you touch my Mongolian Beef if you want to.”

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