Oooooooooo- ooooohhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you that although I had a good time over the holidays, I’m really glad to be back home and, “. . .  in the groove,” as my little granddaughter would put it. She’s so sweet. Just the other day she wanted to help me bake cookies so I let her. What a mess. I told her to clean up as she went along and she wouldn’t have a great big old mess to take care of but she insisted that’s the way her mother baked cookies so I backed off and let her clean up after herself. I think she finally realized that a lot of little cleanups are better than one great big mess to take care of. She does make good sugar cookies and when it comes to decorating with frosting, that little tyke is a genius of design. She has some design called Scooby Doo down pat and my tongue stayed blue for two or three days from licking the icing.
I’ve been going through my letters, bank deposits, and other receipts and I found a note about Mad Anthony Brewing Company at 114 N. Main Street in Auburn. That’s where my cute little round tubby partner in marital bliss and I had lunch on our way back from up north. We were hungry for something but not for a big meal so we were just going to order appetizers. They have all kinds and so we decided that each of us would order what we wanted and then share.
We were setting behind another couple that were in our frame of mind and we overheard them say, “. . . why don’t we order appetizers and share.” That’s all it took, I turned around, got their attention, and said, “Why don’t you two join us and we can all order and share different things. That’s what we did and I tell you what, we not only had a ball talking to these two people from up northwest of Fort Wayne (they don’t want their names in the paper) but we really enjoyed the exotic (to us) food that they ordered and shared with us.
The waitress served us some kind of stinky cheese that was just marvelous on crackers and the onion rings, OH, what can I say about those scrumptious little breaded ovals? They were, “. . . out of this friggin’ world,’ as my youngest grandson would say.
Besides the onion rings we had garlic bread, toast, a couple of kinds of cooked shrimp, several kinds of dippy stuff, deep fried mushrooms, deep fried cauliflower, and deep fried cheese. We had a variety of chicken wings in different sauces and they were very nice except the hot ones and those were so hot they could take the wrinkles out of your girdle. I paid for eating them the next day. I felt like I should be setting on a block of ice or outside in the snow. They were that hot. Watching Wayne put away food is no indication of how hot food is. I don’t think he tastes anything; he just swallows.
I can’t remember all the stuff we ate but I will tell you this, if you go there be prepared to leave a healthy chunk of change behind. Our food came to over $40 and Wayne threw in a $10.00 tip. I’m not sure what the other couple paid but it was probably close to what our bill was. So senior readers, if you want to do a really nice now and then eat out thing, go to Mad Anthony’s in Auburn and enjoy the good food. The restaurant is decorated with what our young waitress called ‘antique stuff’. I said, “Sweetie I remember using all this stuff when it was new and I’m not an antique person.” I think she stifled a smirk when she went to get our water.
Wayne and I will save up for a visit there when we go north next Christmas. In the meantime we’ll use our Chanel 39 (two for one) card and eat in some local Fort Wayne restaurants like Richard’s out Time Corners way.
We had a morning doctor’s appointment a while back and afterwards we stopped at Richard’s and had brunch. My advice to you is order the half chicken dinner with French fries and coleslaw and drink water (it’s free). Eat two pieces of chicken there with half of the French fries and all the coleslaw. Take the other two pieces of chicken and the rest of the fries home for later. Mashed potatoes don’t keep well in that little styrofoam box or “hog trough” as Wayne calls them so get the fries; they heat up nicely in the nooker as Wayne nicknamed our microwave oven.
We paid $6 and something for one ‘half chicken’ meal and got another one for free with our 39-card; that’s $3 something for each meal. Now then we took the two styrofoam boxes home and had two supper meals and that brought our spending down to $1.50 something per meal. That’s a bargain in anybody’s book.
I hope you can use this advice and save yourself a little money, well actually a lot of money if you add it all up at year’s end and then you will in deed look forward to buying another Chanel 39-card. Incidentally we could have used our 39-card at Mad Anthony’s in Auburn but I had forgotten and left it at home; we could have paid only half of what we did. So you see, it pays to keep it with you no matter where you travel in the northern part of Indiana and other parts of the state but who knew?
Till next time, TAA TAAA.
“Wayne, how do you do it? How do you get chicken grease stains inside your underwear?”

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