Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you about our little excursion during the Christmas and New Year’s vacation week. It was just delightful. We stopped at Papa John’s on Bluffton Road to get a couple of pizzas to take with us to nibble on while driving to the cabin. They had a special on and only charged us $10 each for two large pizzas with everything under the sun on top of them. We saved almost half of what they usually charge for a pizza that size loaded down like that. We both got the thin crust.
Then, on top of the boxes they pasted some coupons that we can use later on when my cute little tubby hubby and I are watching the SUPER BOWL together. We do have to be careful of the hot cheese and juices that sometimes drip in our unadorned laps. That’s not a convenient place to smear ointment on you know.
Oh, I must tell you here that Papa John’s will honor the two for one offer if you have a TV Channel 39 card. That’s the card you get when you donate $75 to their fundraiser. It comes with a little booklet that tells you what restaurants will give you a meal for the regular price and a free meal of the same value or less in cost with the card. It doesn’t take long to save up the $75 price tag over a year of eating out every once in a while.
If you spend $6.25 on a meal every month and get a $6.25 meal free you will have paid for the card in one year’s time. The more expensive the meal the quicker you save the $75 or at least that’s the way Wayne says it works. We recommend that all our senior citizen friends go get one. Oh, the card only works on regular priced pizzas at Papa John’s, not on specials like the $10 deal or other coupon deals. Just thought I’d throw that in there so I don’t confuse you.
It was so romantic at the cabin. We didn’t have any TV, VCRs, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, FM radio, or even a cell phone. Well I’ll admit I did bring a cell phone with me in case of an emergency because there wasn’t any phone at the cabin, but I didn’t turn it on and I didn’t tell Wayne because if I had he would have ordered a delivery pizza. Our kids couldn’t reach us if they’d wanted to. It was so peaceful.
We did have a little old AM radio that looked like it had been drug out of the 1940s. It was something like the one that daddy used to have in our parlor back home when I was just a snip of a girl, only I think ours was an Atwater Kent or a Beltone, I forget. It had a wooden case and this one was what Wayne called Bake Light or something like that. I know it wouldn’t work at first but then Wayne remembered what his daddy had done when their radio wouldn’t play; he swatted it a couple of good ones on top and chanted some Navy words at it and it played all the time we were there.
It was ok even if we couldn’t control the station that it was tuned into which played Christmas music for the full time we were there. We could control the volume by putting a pillow over the speaker place. They did play some good romantic music between carols though; I think it must have been a local station; I never did hear where they were broadcasting from. Wayne said he thought it must have come from Canada or someplace and it was probably a rebel station.
We had a good time though; we did things with each other that we haven’t done in a load of years. I just feel girly giggly all over just thinking about what we did. Those new sweat suits we bought each other for Christmas came in handy since the hot tub was outside. The sauna didn’t work; I think the line was frozen or something, anyway we did have snow to roll around in after we got out of the hot tub and it felt so invigorating we just had to get back in the tub and do it again.
We really hated to get out and go back in the cabin. Wayne warned me that if we stayed in the hot tub too long our wrinkles that we already have at our age would have wrinkles of their own so we had to limit our hot tub sessions to about 15 minutes each time. Oh, and I found out that you don’t drink very much wine while hot tubbing; it makes you do some strange things; I think the wine goes to your head and then heads to other parts of your body as well. The swing on the front porch left frost bite slat marks from the snow that was on it.
I would recommend a vacation like that to young couples but then I’m sure they would get bored what with no Nintendo, Game Boys, or I-Pods (whatever those are) to occupy their time. We watched wild birds and animals out the front room window and we did play a little Parcheesi and that got a little exciting believe it or not. Of course we played by our rules and not the rules on the back of the cardboard lid. We had to build the fire up a little higher in the fireplace to ward of the chills. Wayne and I hope to do this again real soon.
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