Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you my cute little tubby hub pulled a surprise on me recently and it sounded like he asked if I wanted to do a Pickle visit or visit a pickle, whatever. No, I didn’t have to fain a headache; he meant something entirely different. I almost swatted him when he said, “I mean let’s try a new place to eat. They were talking about it at the Legion Hall the other night; it’s called Pickles Café and we’ll have to take Caddy and go for a little ride to get there. Someone said the food was good and the place was quaint.”

Now I don’t like to go eat someplace out of town just because one of his swill guzzlin’ ‘buddies’ said it was a good place to eat. I asked him if they sold alcohol there and he said no so I guess the guy mustn’t have been polluted when he ate there. I assume that his wife, or girlfriend must have wanted to eat there and now he’s telling everyone in hopes she won’t want to go back because it’s not their own private little rendezvous place anymore; women are like that, yes we are. I can’t blame her none on that accord but then if the food is good, why not share it with others? It gives you another chance to go exploring for another such place where we can play footsie under the table or mess around in the parking lot where no one will recognize you or your car.

I asked him if it wasn’t called the Dill Pickle or the Green Pickle or something like that because there’s a bar or eating place in Markle that has a name something with Pickle in it I think. He said that it wasn’t; it was called Pickles Café and it was in a little town called Dunfee, Indiana, which is west of Fort Wayne right off of Route 14. The best I can tell you is you go west on 14 out of the city and about the second red light you turn to the right (north) at a sign that says Dunfee. You then go until you cross a railroad track and it’s just a short ways on the left. They have a nice parking lot.

The outside looks like one of those old timey stores with lots of antique junk around for decorations and you have to go through the store to get to Pickles Café which is really inside and to the back of the store. The store is called Plumtickled Junction, I think. I know they have an upstairs area called Painted Pony Tack where I think they sell horsy things like saddles and bridles and that sort of stuff.

Anyway we got up early last Saturday and headed for Dunfee. We got there around nine o’clock and the place was almost empty. I ordered the biscuits and gravy because you can always tell what kind of cook the place has if you order biscuits and gravy. Wayne got some kind of omelet that had everything you can think of in it. It looked delicious but he wouldn’t let me nibble on it like I like to do. He doesn’t like for me to do that in public you know.

Anyway we had all the coffee you could possibly want with our meal. Of course I found out that it’s $1.50 extra. Our total bill was around eighteen dollars for the two of us. I think that might be a tad over what we allowed for our Social Security budget to cover but the food was good and everyone gets served a little side dish with sliced fruit (strawberries, pineapple, melon, and three slices of what I call Bread ‘un Butter pickles which I took to be their signature for each meal; everyone gets “pickled”. The extra fruit was refreshing. Our waitress was a cute tallish thing named Jessica and she was so polite and checked on us every once in a while to make sure we had whatever we needed. Wayne left her a nice tip which I’m sure made her next car payment but she did a thumbs up job of waitressing. Our coffee cups never got empty.

We were just finishing up our meal and were almost through playing footsie when we noticed everyone was staring at us. I found out that they weren’t watching us; they were giving us the evil eye because there was a line of people waiting to eat. I’d say that alone would speak for the popularity of the food they serve; wouldn’t you?

After we paid our bill, we went outside. They were having a yard sale on the parking lot. We got a few nice things to give as Christmas presents and then left. We only stopped at maybe four other garage sales on the way back into town but it was such a lovely day and all. So go to Dunfee, Indiana and visit Pickles Café; they’re open Tuesday to Friday from 10:30am to 2:30pm and on Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. If you need more information on their food or prices then give them a call at: 260-625-5477. If you decide to go there and try their food, then tell them Mrs. Wayne Dale sent you and take them a copy of The Waynedale News.

Till next time, TAA TAAA.

“Come on Wayne, why didn’t you let me nibble on your omelet?”

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