Ooooooohhhhhhh- hhhhhhh I just have to tell you, Wayne and I have just the grandest times on weekends in and around Waynedale. We’re suckers for a garage sale, a yard sale, or a rummage sale. When we were up in Boston a few years back we went to ‘tag’ sales. Same thing although the tag sales are almost like attending antique sales they wanted so much money for their stuff.

We’ve saved lots of social security money by shopping at the many garage sales that the good people of our community put on. A few weekends ago we went to an inside garage sale at Monson Chapel on Lower Huntington Road right down from the General Motors plant. I got some lovely material pieces and a telescope tripod, although I wasn’t sure what we would do with it but Wayne said our 3rd grandson, was into moon watching and would like to have it so I guess we saved on buying a Christmas a present for him later on.

We almost bought a toaster for three dollars even though we already had one. We let an older couple get the bargain; they said they were buying stuff for their camping trailer and thanked us for putting it back on the table. We wished them luck before we left. We’d already spent a goodly portion of our social security check. I can’t wait for the next sale.

The ladies reminded me that they still have their ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT breakfasts on the first Saturday of every month from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. We do go as often as we can. Their food is delicious. They serve sausage, pancakes, toast, eggs (any style even omelets), French toast, coffee, tomato juice, orange juice, and a nice fruit medley. Would you ladies please call me at the paper when you get ready to do another garage sale?

We also like to go to the Salvation Army store and Goodwill. Wayne, my cute little tubby husband, says that we’re going broke saving money. All he ever looks for is golf equipment and Playboy magazines. He did buy me a nice fishing rod at another garage sale so I shouldn’t complain. I like to use it when I go out in the country and fly my Chinese kite. The grandkids get a big kick out of seeing me ‘fishing’ my kites. They can’t stop laughing but I will tell you it’s easier than trying to hand spool them in like I used to before I talked to the guys at The Waynedale News since they like to fish. It didn’t’ help with the problem I had the other day though.

I was ‘fishing’ my kite when the elastic band on my thong let loose and it fell down around my ankles. I tripped you know and that exposed my problem even more but I hung on to my fishing rod. I did draw a crowd but then what the heck; I didn’t lose my grip. Wayne pretended to look the other way the little dear. I could have just bopped him one. I got up, stepped out of the broken thong, picked it up, and stuffed it in my pocket and went ahead ‘fishing’ my kite even if it did feel a bit breezy.

While I’m at it I want to apologize for not attending the Thank You party that The Waynedale News’ owners held at Azar’s for their writers, carriers, and all the others responsible for seeing that the paper hits your doorstep every other week. I really didn’t feel like going out in public that night due to the hot flashes and sweats that go along with having an older woman’s plumbing; you understand. Wayne calls it Men-on-pause the little twit.

I’m sure it was a nice dinner. I hear they gave everyone their choice of steak, salmon, or chicken/spaghetti. I would probably have wanted to sample everyone’s plate like I do at home. Wayne gets so irritated at me for doing that. I mean, what does it hurt and why not let others taste what you’ve ordered? As long as they don’t use my fork, I’m ok with it.

It’s like a big tasting party you know? Wayne won’t go along with me on that and he insists on hovering over his plate like a dog guarding a bone the selfish little darling; and it’s just to keep me from sneaking a bite. I understand they gave everyone a choice of either chocolate cake or strawberry pie for dessert. I do love chocolate especially the real dark stuff and strawberries; I just love strawberries. Wayne breaks out when he eats strawberries and he hates chocolate. He could have ordered one and I could have ordered the other and I’d have the best of both by having both. I have to remember that if they do it again next year and if I’m feeling well.

While I’m at it, I noticed that the Waynedale Cafe on Bluffton Road has put FREE COFFEE on their outside sign – both sides.  Thank you dears; my friends and I sure appreciate it and we’ll be there for breakfast often.

Oh, and I just got a message from a gal named Brittany.  She wanted me to know that THE STAND on Bluffton Road is serving up THE WAYNEDALE DOG; with mustard, Coney sauce, AND coleslaw on it.  Wayne and I’ll go try one or maybe a half dozen if they are as good as you say; I hope they have plenty of onions. Thank you my dear.

Until next time, TAA TAAA

“Wayne, give me my pants and quit wearing them on your head when you’re helping me fold the laundry.”

(You can get in touch with Mrs. Wayne Dale by sending an email to: mWaynedale If your place of business gives Senior discounts; let her know and she will mention it.)

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