Ooooooooooo-ooohhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you the latest in our quest for ‘FREE’ coffee with meals for seniors and other compensations for us in the Waynedale area which I think should cover all of Allen County and as much of the state of Indiana as we can get away with claiming to be WAYNEDALE COUNTRY. After all we live in the best part because Number One we get to breath the air before anyone else in Fort Wayne gets to use it.

Anyway I already told you that in looking around for compensations for SENIORS, with my cute little tubby hubby Wayne, we discovered that:

1 – One Waynedale restaurant has removed their FREE COFFEE FOR SENIORS sign and now charges us seniors for coffee, shame on you.

2 – Rich’s Restaurant told us that their coffee is included in the price of the meal so as I see it, if they don’t charge for our umpteenth warmups then those cups would be free.

3 – I’m told the state of Indiana has FREE Fishing for us seniors; all we have to do is carry our driver’s license that proves we are in our seventies or eighties or older. Thank you Governor Mitch Daniels honey.

4 – If you’re only in your sixties then I think they charge you $3 for your fishing license or something like that; you’ll have to call them up or go get the rules and regulations book somewhere but the point is, at least the state of Indiana is in on giving us older fogies a break here and there. We deserve some compensation you know; after all we’ve been paying taxes for all those years; we should be recognized and get something back.

5 – If you go to the Anthis Center downtown and fill out a piece of paper, they will give you a FORT WAYNE COMMUNITY SCHOOLS SUPER SENIOR CARD

It says on the back:


Please use this card for:

•Free admission to all regular season home athletic events and Fitness Center programs at FWCS schools (reserved seating and post-season athletic events not included).

•Free admission to fine arts performances at FWCS schools, excluding dinner theater programs.

•$5 off one Neighborhood Connection class per semester.

•10 percent discount for Continuing Education classes.

(You can go see your grandkids in programs they normally charge for.)

6 – And finally, Wendy’s gave us a senior discount on our food when we went there the other day but didn’t the next time we went. We said something to the person behind the register but the pimple face just shrugged her shoulders and so we let it go at that. Would Wendy’s please contact me here at The Waynedale News and let me know for sure what is going on? If we get discounts as seniors then I’ll guarantee you will get a lot more business from us Pensioners and I’ll tell everyone about it.

Well, Wayne and I are so pleased from all your positive cards, letters, and phone calls that we could just bust a gusset or my corset as it were. Thank you for liking our little column. We do so want to please you and if you get a chuckle out of our old age antics then so much the better even if I don’t understand half of the time what you may find amusing. I guess it’s just that us old folk haven’t kept up with any of the modern stuff. And as far as S-E-X is concerned, well, be a prude if you must, but Wayne and I are still snugglers after all these many, many years and we think that other seniors (and everyone) should get back to snuggling more often. Maybe there wouldn’t be so many old grumps around. It might even help the young grumps we run into on occasion like in some of our banks, stores, and restaurants here in Waynedale and of course there are others as you’ve probably noticed; smile at them anyway; maybe no one ever showed them how.

Make it a point to turn around and walk out if you aren’t greeted with a genuine smile and a heartfelt “Good Morning”(or evening, or hello, or whatever) when you go into a bank, store, or restaurant in Waynedale – they’ll get the point.


Until next time



“Wayne, give me a back rub and I’ll do something special for you . . . . .. would you like vanilla or chocolate?????”

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