Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you Wayne and I both got an itch at the same time, so we decided to scratch it. Now stop that; I know what you’re thinking; that’s just an old timey expression that means we both had an idea for something to do and we both decided to go with it. And I don’t mean ‘that’, shame on you!

We went back to a restaurant that we hadn’t been to in TEN years. Can you believe? I was going through my old scrap book on ‘stuff’ I’d put in THE WAYNEDALE NEWS way back when and I ran across a revue of sorts I did when we went to eat at the Liberty Diner on Goshen Road in 2001 I think it was. A few days, maybe a week ago, we went in, sat down, and ordered. We had the cutest little blonde waitress named Sherry and she couldn’t do enough for us and talked so cute to us.

They had banners up all over the place and I really loved the stained glass sign that originally said, “Smoking Section” but now had a duct taped ‘X’ in front so it now reads “X: Smoking Section. I just love the NO SMOKING policy that Fort Wayne has adopted and made into law. I’m sure that people are enjoying it even though like in the past some people still bitched (sorry) about not being able to start a small smoky fire in front of their face while trying to enjoy their food but ruining the taste buds of all those around them and I’m sorry for using the word bitch but I think it got my point across. Anyway the meal in a no smoking atmosphere was pure pleasure and we really enjoyed our food.

We went out to eat with another couple and Wayne, the generous little spend thrift grabbed the bill and insisted on paying for the meal and he left a hefty tip. There went our pension check for July. Now he’s just going to have to wear holey underwear for another month or so until the next ‘white’ sale goes on at Penny’s or K-Mart whichever comes first but it really was worth it – maybe I’ll let him wear some of mine . . . just kiddin’ of course; he would stretch the knees out of them in a hurry – he’s done it before you know.

Anyway, I ordered an omelet off their breakfast menu and Wayne got the liver & onions. I wish they had meals for seniors that would be half as much food for half the price but they gave us some styrofoam boxes to bring leftovers home in. We each could only eat half of what we were served. Wayne calls the boxes hog troughs the imagination spirited bad taste little darlin’.

We’ve learned that to save money; we order ice water with a slice of lemon with all our meals and it’s really refreshing after coming in from the 90+ degree heat we have been having. We don’t load up on bread but bring the rolls home to toast for breakfast. Now the meals we’ve discovered look a lot better when you get them home if you order the styrofoam boxes before you start to eat. That way you just cut each meal in half and put it in the box and it stays nice for the next meal. Otherwise it gets picked over and looks more like garbage that you would throw out to the hogs and it’s so unappetizing when you get it out of the frig and open it up the next day or at midnight. All I can say is it looks like it’s been eaten already and we’ve thrown away a lot of food before we learned about this little trick from a very conservative friend of ours. We used to call him CHEAP RAY but we respect his ways more now than before.

All I can say here is, you get your money’s worth when you eat at the Liberty Diner. Wayne said his meal of beef liver was as tender as a mother’s love and it was delicious. It was served with REAL mashed potatoes and Wayne had them put a big dent in them and fill it with gravy – he likes to play with his food and pretend the dam broke and spilled the gravy river over his meat and his vegetable medley. The medley looked like sautéed carrots, squash, and zucchini with some onion in a light sauce.

He also got a tossed salad with his meal and he ordered a cup of, I think she called it Country Mushroom soup. I asked him for a taste and tasted it till it was empty. He pouted for the rest of the meal even though I offered him a taste of my omelet, which was a big as the plate itself and I had a hard time getting it, half of the potatoes, and the rolls in my box.

I urge everyone to go out to the Liberty Diner and indulge yourself but get the hog troughs before the meal and divide it when it first arrives; you won’t regret it. See if I’m right and let me know how you enjoy the meal.

Until next time, TAA TAAA.


“Wayne, stay out of my box; you had your chance in the restaurant.”

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