Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you that we just got back off of a short too-few-days vacation and I must say, we had a ball. We frolicked freely most every day in the sun and we “re-nude” our tans. Oh we had some wet weather but we still enjoyed our stay at that darling little resort. Even though they insisted we dress for dinner we didn’t mind since the sun was down by the time we got around to eating anyway. After dinner they had a toga party and they served what they called Granny Punch. I think it was a mixture of passion fruit juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and prune juice with a splash of vodka, tequila, or rum, I’m not sure which; it might have been all three. You don’t sip a drink like that and go very far. I only had one teensy one and Wayne had two. He left the dance before I did. In fact he danced his way right out of the room and back to our cabin stiff legged.

I wonder if they serve that drink at our American Legion post? It could become popular; I know of some people that could use some encouragement like that and no doubt it would put a smile on their faces later. Maybe that’s why so many old people are downright grumps; they have a need to ‘go’…..have a drink like that.

Wayne and I aren’t like that any more. We enjoy life and I hope most of you readers do too. There are too many grumps in the world and they have so little time to spend on it. Hey, maybe the years haven’t been so good to you but you still have time to learn to smile and be happy you’re alive and at least still kicking; maybe you just need a laxative without the alcohol.

Speaking of kicking, does anyone out there enjoy reading our (Wayne and mine) little antics in the paper? We’ve been kicking the idea around, no pun intended, of retiring and maybe spending some time traveling and sightseeing. Maybe you could contact our cute editors, Alex and Mike, and tell them you either enjoy or hate what we do and say. Let them/us know, please.

Anyway, my little tubby hubby and I were on our way up north to go shopping and decided to stop for a bite before tackling the flea market crowd at Shipshewanna. Besides the food is not only better here in Waynedale but cheaper in my opinion. We stopped at the Waynedale Café again and had two of their breakfast specials. Now there’s a meal that will stick to our ribs and not put a dent in our social security check.

Their special was: 2 eggs (anyway you want them), 2 pieces of toast (you name the kind – white, wheat, rye), hash browns or American fries – I’m not sure which, and I had an order of bacon; (I could have had link sausage, fresh sausage, or ham I think). Anyway I wanted my eggs scrambled and they had all the jelly you want so I chose two strawberry packets and slathered my rye toast with them. Oh, and the coffee is still ‘FREE’ for us senior citizens although I noticed they took it off their sign out front. That’s no way to get more seniors to eat there. Advertise on both sides this time and I’ll bet your sales will jump.

And breakfast was so good. Wayne on the other hand likes to have his eggs gooey, runny and set on top of his potatoes where he cuts them up and lets the yellow run down all over his plate which he sops up with his toast that he’s smeared with grape jelly. Oh, I can’t stand to watch him sometimes. He’s so messy at times that I’ve come to keep extra shirts in the trunk of the Caddy because most dropped food stops on his tummy and it’s hard to get grape jelly stains out of his shirt fronts. The cleaners gave up and I have to soak his shirts before I put them in the laundry. I think I’ll just smear grape jelly all over his shirts and underwear then he’ll have a blotchy, paisley pattern look and no one will notice until they watch him eat. He does try the little dear; deed he does.

We’re late, so until next time,


“Wayne put the air-conditioner on; I’m having another hot flash!”

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