Ooooooohhhhhh-hhhhhhhh I just have to tell you what we discovered recently. There’s a Farmer’s Market in Wabash, Indiana every Saturday. We discovered it recently when we went for a drive. Wayne, my cute little-wake-up-early-and-wanted-to-play snuggle bunny, wouldn’t let me sleep in that day, so I just pushed him out of bed and said, “Take me out to breakfast,” and he did – reluctantly.

It was still, as he put it in Navy talk, O’Dark: 30, whatever that means. We had a hefty breakfast of link sausages, pancakes, eggs, and toast at Rich’s Restaurant on Lower Huntington Road. Our coffee came with the meal and at no extra charge therefore I think it and all refills could be considered FREE. Take note seniors! After that we decided to just go for a drive. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Wayne was in a romantic mood like always, so he agreed to a short drive, thinking he was going to score later on–which he did, but that’s beside the point.

After that breakfast, we have started thinking seriously about minding our diets. Well, since then I’ve starting to mind mine; Wayne is abusing his but I think I know how I can control his appetite from now on. Anyway, we drove west toward Rochester, Indiana and then somewhere along the way, Wayne turned south and we wound up in Wabash, Indiana. It was a pleasant drive and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. Anyway, the Farmer’s Market is on Route 15 and located right across from the Honeywell Center on a parking lot. Vendors come in and hawk their wares. Well maybe they don’t hawk, they just set there and wait ‘till you look at what they have to sell and then you can sometimes bargain with them on their produce or whatever.

Oh they have other things for sale besides produce and we met the cutest little old couple there named Gene and Shirley and they were selling birdhouses or bird traps as Wayne put it. Wayne was telling Gene how during his Navy service, his ship stopped in England and he went into a restaurant, and knowing Wayne, it was probably a pub. Anyway he said that he was talking to the owner and he said that at one time on the menu that they served Robin Pie. It seems as though at that time Robins were legal to hunt and eat. Wayne thought the birdhouses could be modified with little trap doors and he could catch some birds and try his Robin recipe. I told him that there was no way I was going to eat a bird other than what we could buy at Aldi’s. I don’t even like to look at the Rock Cornish game hens that Aldi’s sells because they remind me of what my pet Bantam chicken Myrtle looked like after my mom prepared her for my birthday supper when I was thirteen. It was supposed to be a surprise and believe me, it was. I won’t let Wayne buy any bird-traps while I’m alive I’ll tell you that, even if he pouts a lot.

Anyway, we discovered the Wabash Donut Shoppe at 445 S. Wabash Street so we got a half-dozen buttermilk cake donuts and a half-dozen apple-cinnamon cake donuts and headed back across the state to Route 27. We then headed north to Decatur, Indiana and had supper at a nice restaurant there; it’s one of the Richard’s chain. They have delicious fried chicken. Order the half chicken; it’s cheaper in the long run and you may have some to take home to snack on later in the privacy of your bedroom like Wayne and I did.

So if you haven’t anything to do and would like to have an adventure, talk your sweetie into a drive like my pudgy little darlin’ and I took. It’s refreshing to get away from the city and out into the country. Oh, by the way, it seems like there are sweet corn for sale signs about everywhere you turn now. It’s in season and the farmers are willing to bargain, sometimes. We like the two-color corn; I think they call it cream and sugar or something cute like that. Anyway it’s mixed white and yellow on the same cob. It really is good. Expect to pay $4 a dozen for it. So, ya’ll have a nice time on your trip.

Until next time, TAA TAAA.


“Wayne, don’t eat corn on the cob in bed; you know how the butter stains the sheets.”

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