Ooooooooooo-ooohhhhhh I just have to tell you Wayne and I enjoyed seeing a lot of you over Memorial Day weekend. It looks like the parade was a huge success even with the threat of rain looming about. I love parades but I think ours is too short. It should start at the Waynewood Inn and go to the courthouse downtown. Well maybe not clear to the courthouse, maybe just to that new stadium which I consider to be at the edge of Waynedale.
Someone should see if the Mayor of Waynedale would let us do that. By the way who is the Mayor of Waynedale now? When was the last election? Let me know; maybe I’ll run for Mayor but then I’m never at home much so I couldn’t rule very well. I think Mike or Alex should have the job. Cindy Cornwell would make a nice Mayor. What do you think? Send them your thoughts.
I’m glad they have the new water splash pad whatever going in our park again. I know Wayne and I just love to go there and take our shoes off and let the water splash where it wants; it’s so cool and nice. Sometimes it makes sitting around a bit soppy but that’s just one of the reasons we carry extra towels with us in the Caddy. I think everyone should go and watch our future generations splash around and have fun without a care in the world. I think we can all learn something from children at play.
Wayne and I stopped for a quickie (lunch that is) the other day and ordered tacos to go. We ordered a plain and a supreme or whatever they call them – super maybe – anyway, we found that when they say plain, they really mean plain, and skimpy. We were so disappointed. The plain taco had what seemed like a teaspoon of ground beef and a tablespoon of lettuce on it – no taste, no flavor, no sauce, just a plain drab taco. It may have had a few shreds of cheese; I didn’t notice. I could have made some of these at home but I don’t think my conscience would allow me to serve something like that to my tubby hubby let alone guests. The super or supreme, I forget what it was called, was somewhat better but still not what I remember them being like not so too long ago.
Come on restaurant managers quit short tacoing the public. If anything, give them good food, good service, larger, and decent servings. Hey, try eating one of your own tacos once in a while and see what the public is getting and why we aren’t apt to be coming back for maybe another year or two hoping your servings have improved. Now if we could just get a good southern hot dog in Waynedale . . .
Anyway, Wayne and I decided to go for a little drive around our fair city and we got caught in a traffic jam on Bluffton Road. What with tearing up the street and laying down new asphalt they (whoever they are) could have thought ahead of time and detoured us down Old Trail or around and down Winchester Road instead of running us right through where they were laying down hot tar and stuff. We were lucky; the Caddy didn’t get any goop on her. We did run her though the laser carwash at the corner of Engle Road and Ardmore. If you fill up with gasoline and sign up for a carwash at the same time, you’ll save on the gasoline price. I just love bargains.
I’m a bit short on words this week. Wayne and I are going on vacation and we’ll be gone about ten days. Maybe next column I’ll tell you where we went. We are trying to decide on the Tannenbottom Resort not too far south from here or maybe going all the way to Florida for one last suit-less romp on the beach before it’s covered in an oil slick. Wish us happy traveling.
Till next time.
Wayne, don’t forget the lotion; you know how I hate it when I burn my ….

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