Boy was there a revolt at the Eubank home after my last article. MEOOOOOW! PHHHHHHT! “How dare you write an article about ‘Woofers’ when June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month”, they throw a hissy fit. Each of our feline fur children (FFC) has their story as to how they wormed their way into our hearts. Go to www.facebook.com/bornagainquilts to find Sabrina and Lightning Bolt AKA “Buggy” sprung 13 years ago from the Allen County SPCA.

Son Robert and I went to the local SPCA in search of a specific cat; a black and white male so his gender and fur color would blend in with Vanilla and Schwarz. Vanilla is Robert’s sidekick and Schwarz hangs out with husband Tom. What would be more perfect than a black – white fur child companion for me? Seven-year-old Robert is in seventh heaven. Room after room of cats, some are friendly some hide behind cupboard doors, the search proves futile. A couple of weeks later we are all in the car and Robert asks, “Mom can we show dad the place with all the cats?” Robert enthuses dad about his visit to kitty nirvana. Soon we’re back looking once again for that elusive black-white male cat. Another expedition through the rooms, Robert points out the quirky attributes of his feline friends. We come to a dead stop. The cat of my dreams isn’t dozing in the sun, or scampering about; we peer at him through the window of the quarantine room the first stop for all new arrivals. We are allowed to enter and touch the one- year- old male black cat with white bikini through the cage bars. Across his forehead a white lightening bolt. While I softly talk to him, Tom pets a raccoon-looking cat. He marvels at it’s sweet face and wants to take it home. I check the paper work “female” name: “Sabrina.” No way! Three males and a female! What are you thinking? Twice the food, twice the vet bills… A volunteer enters the room. “Oh, are you interested in both of them?” she sweetly queries? “Actually they are brother and sister. They were dumped in New Haven; a woman takes them into her home, brings them to the SPCA because she doesn’t want to bear the cost of having them fixed.” Now we know their story. Born, abandoned, sheltered, abandoned again… As Tom adamantly puts it, “We can’t break up a family.” So we become a family of four FFC. Funny thing, after rescuing her and spending a year like a little mud turtle keeping a low profile, Sabrina decides like Buggy, to attach to me.

Anyone who has FFC and quilts knows how indispensable they are in the quilt making process. Lay a piece of backing fabric on the floor, they may have been in the midst of their twenty-seventh nap of the day, but here they are ready to assist in smoothing and straightening the fabric. A quilt in the frame: a perfect hammock to inspect the stitching. Can’t choose the perfect thread color? A FCC can weave through the assortment, find the perfect one and push it off the table. The FFC also knows this works if you sleep late on the weekend. After the third or fourth spool CLUNKS to the floor, accompanied by a short insistent Meow, you know it’s time to get up and refill the food bowls.

Cat quilts are fun to make. Lily Ditton’s quilt pattern is from The Cat’s Meow:  Purr-fect quilts for Cat Lovers by Janet Kime. “Kittleson’s Cats” from the same book was created by Meg Schoch Tom’s cousin. The Cat’s Meow can be purchased at Amazon.com for less than $3.

Word has it Master Quilter Bernice Enyeart of Huntington County outdid herself with a recent quilt creation featuring cats. Bernice’s work deserves its own column.

The response for the “One step ahead of the dog” project has been great! This is an on-going project. You can donate quilts either directly to the SPCA 4914 Hanna St. or at the Born Again Quilts studio at 124 W. Wayne St., Ste 209. If you have a quilt related question go to www.bornagainquilts.com or call 515-9446.

Lois Levihn

She is the author of the "Around the Frame" quilting column. She is a graduate of Wayne HS. Quilts have always been important to her, she loves the stories surrounding them, the techniques used in making them, & restoring them. > Read Full Biography > More Articles Written By This Writer