Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I just have to tell you, Wayne and I tried the new (to us) pancake restaurant in Waynedale called Spyro’s. We just enjoyed eating there so much and the food and service was just out of this world but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We have passed by there dozens of times and the parking lot seemed to be full all the time and we could never find a parking place until a week ago. Wayne spotted one and we swung in and parked Caddy just ahead of this loud-mouthed young man that seemed to think that we stole his spot. He shouldn’t have stopped to light up that nasty old cigarette; else he could have used both hands to steer with.

Trying to talk on his cell phone probably didn’t help either. HANG THE DANGED THING UP NEXT TIME MISTER. You aren’t a doctor on call; leave it turned off and for heavens sake don’t do your tax messing stuff or whatever you call what else you were doing. I’m sorry but some people just can’t think and they aren’t polite either. Did you get my one digit message Buster? Wayne reminded me that was his job. Sorry, I know it was so unladylike of me. I wish we could go back to when all we had was one phone per house.

Anyway we parked and went inside. You can hardly tell that it used to be a fast food place; they’ve decorated it so nicely and I think the room has been expanded. It’s so nice to eat in restaurants in Fort Wayne now that they have enacted the smoking ban. We had to wait a few moments for a table but it gave me a chance to visit the little girls’ room and loosen up my girdle. Actually I took it off and put it in my big purse. I just knew I was going to stuff myself after looking at what massive plates of food the waitresses were bringing from the kitchen.

Danielle was our waitress and honey you gave us such good service that I just have to tell everyone about it. She kept our coffee cups full and kept checking to see that we were ok. She was so helpful when it came to taking our orders. Wayne, the little flirt couldn’t keep his eyes off her . . . uh; well, I’ll have to take that back; he couldn’t keep his eyes off her . . . uh, UNTIL she brought out our food platters.

Wayne got the Irish Omelet and I got three of the largestist pancakes I’ve ever seen. I got the whole grain pancakes with nuts and they filled the plate; the pancakes, not the nuts. They were very liberal with their butter and syrup also. I could only eat one of the huge pancakes but Danielle brought me a Styrofoam carton to take the rest home with me. I ate two more meals from that carton but I’ll have to tell you I ate them together; they were so good.

Now I’ll have to tell you what my tubby hubby Wayne did. He got the hugest Irish Omelet with a load of hash browns and a biscuit. Here is a guy that could normally eat a horse at one setting if it was cooked right and he couldn’t finish his omelet; it was so big. He ate half his hash browns, half a biscuit with strawberry jam on it, and almost half of his omelet. When Danielle brought out his platter, I thought it was a golden yellow football; it was so big. Wayne put himself to the test and failed. He got a Styrofoam Hog Trough as he calls them and took the rest of his omelet, what was left of his hash browns, and the other half of his biscuit home. When we got home he put the box down, unzipped his trousers, and polished the leftovers off in the privacy of our bedroom while watching the ball game on TV. He astounds me every once in a while, the pudgy little dear.

Thank you Mr. Spyro, Danielle, and the rest of the crew for making our stay memorable and enjoyable. We’ll be back definitely but we’ll be there way before you open to avoid the crowd as best we can. And thank you for all the coffee; it was wonderful and the melon wedge on the plate was a nice delicious touch.

Till next time,


“Stop that Wayne; you don’t like whole wheat pancakes and leave my leg alone; you’re getting me all sticky!”

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