Ooooooooooo-oohhhhhh I just have to tell you my little round hubby and I went back to the Waynedale Café again. This time we went for breakfast and had the most delightful time in spite of Wayne’s shenanigans. They’ve improved the table arrangement and we sat in a booth this time; no spilling water in our laps – thank you.

They had a special on but we missed it by about fifteen minutes. I don’t think it was unreasonable to ask for the special fifteen minutes late. They stop their breakfast special at 10:00 AM and gracious Wayne and I never get out of bed until 9:00 AM. We like to wake up and cuddle and mess around a while before starting our day, which makes us almost have to run to eat breakfast out before your breakfast special shutdown time. Please change it to 11:00 AM or at least 10:30 AM. I promise we’ll try to get done and be there by then.

Anyway we ordered off the menu and we thought we were getting the 2-egg breakfast but they slipped in an extra egg over easy on our plates along with the two we ordered and whoever the cook is/was I want to congratulate him or her because you are one of the few people in the Fort Wayne area that knows how to cook an egg over easy and cook it not only the right way (white done and yolk soft) but make it a beautiful work of culinary art in the process and you arranged the potatoes and link sausages and toast in a symmetrical pattern that was a beautiful arrangement and I just wish I had a picture of it.

The orange slice and parsley balanced the color combination perfectly. I appreciate your efforts and thoughtfulness. I think if you took a picture of that breakfast and show it on your delightful menu, you’d have your hands full just fixing that particular meal. Oh, but then you’d not sell anything else and that wouldn’t do, because I want to try just about everything on your menu and Wayne will probably try everything on your menu on his shirt like he usually does, the messy little dear.

Wayne is a true cute little barbarian when it comes to eating eggs-over-easy. Believe it or not he maneuvers the eggs on top of his potatoes and then knife and forks them to death and all together until he has a yellow/white potato mess and then he scoops a spoon full of the mess onto a piece of his toast slice, tops it with a sausage link and eats it with his hands. The worst part is he smears his bread with lotsa jelly before he does this. I just want to throw up sometimes just watching him. What with the napkin tucked in his collar and up under his chin he looks like some little pudgy Waynedale Hill Billy force-feeding himself; all he needs is a straw hat, bib overalls, a plaid shirt, a red bandana around his neck, and cowboy boots. Now I know what I’ll get him to wear for Halloween at the Legion Hall.

I know the Waynedale Café staff tolerated his behavior and I appreciate that and thanks Veronica for not laughing too hard; he is sensitive you know. All in all the meal was great and we enjoyed it very much. I still think if you served coffee ‘free’ to seniors you’d attract a lot more older people’s business or at least give us seniors a small break like charging us half-price for our coffee; we are on a fixed income you know and The Waynedale News doesn’t give me a large enough expense account to include Wayne’s bill.

We saw some people we know eating there that morning but I’m sorry to say they were finishing up as we got there and we just missed them. Clydette and Earl we’re sorry we didn’t get to stop and chat but I’m afraid if Wayne went any longer without eating, his stomach would have started growling and you know how distracting that is in a room full of people intent on trying to enjoy their meal. Call me at the office and we girls will plan a get together sometime when the boys want to go out bowling at the Eagles.

I really do love Smoke Free Waynedale restaurants now – thanks to all you lovely people I don’t have to worry about getting lung cancer from all the second-hand smoke now. It used to be so terrible as all of you know that read my columns in the past. The air is now fresh and clean and my clothes don’t stink from all that nasty old cigarette smoke like they used to. I must have spent a fortune on dry cleaning trying to get that stink out. I know it’s probably bad for the dry cleaning business but it’s good for you and me in the long run.

And another thing, thank you Waynedale Café for not having a TV blasting away in the restaurant. When I go out to eat I like to be able to converse with Wayne or anyone that I happen to know. If I want to watch TV, Wayne and I will do it at home in the privacy of our bedroom. Maybe a little background music, a scented candle on the night stand, a flower, some dark chocolates, a little wine . . . ! In Wayne’s case, a ham sandwich and a beer will bring out his romantic side every time.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Waynedale Café offers up a free copy of their menu so you can take it home and plan your next meal there. Wayne and I are now planning on going out at least one night a week. He wants to call it: GETTING SOME OUTSIDE NIGHT. I do think his idea is charming but I suggest anyone doing it wear a sweater.

I noticed on their menu that they serve grits. By the way can anyone tell me what they mean when they say, Kiss my grits?” How can anyone kiss your grits? I saw it on an old TV sitcom the other night and was just wondering. And speaking of grits, I can’t wait to try the Waynedale Café’s grits. I do hope they prepare them like they do at the Tan Bottom Health Spa Café in Florida or Georgia; I can’t remember which exactly. Anyway, as they say down south, “If you can’t stand a spoon upright in the middle of your grits then they just ain’t grits.” I just love cheddar cheese grits; they go good with everything both before and after, including cuddling but beware, spilled hot grits in your lap will leave a nasty welt.


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