Oh, oh, oh, I just have to tell you that my little round sweetie and I discovered ya’ll’s new restaurant, you know, the Waynedale Café? Well I just have to tell you that I’ve never tasted liver and onions the nice way they fixed them but the mashed potatoes could stand a bit of improvement like please ask me the next time if I want gravy or not. I like nothing but butter on my mashed potatoes. Now Wayne likes his with gravy, lots of gravy like they fixed it but then he complained to me that they didn’t make a gravy dam and he just loves to play with his food and make World War II dive bomber airplanes sounds when he breaks the gravy dam and watches it pour over the other food in his plate. It makes me sick to see the way he flooded his liver and onions with that dark rich gravy. It was like watching a mud flood in California. Heavens he does embarrass me at times but I just have to love him; bless his little heart

I have a suggestion for all young workers in the restaurants in the Waynedale area and elsewhere for that matter:  pull up your pants; I don’t want to see your underwear. Heavens you’d think your momma’s would say something to you and box your little ears running around half-dressed like that. What’s the matter with your parents nowadays anyway? And wear clothes that fit. And get someone to hem up your blue jeans; don’t walk around until they wear off. Ya’ll look like a bunch of slobby hobos.

Anyway, I’m sorry I got distracted. We really did enjoy the food at the Waynedale Café. It’s too bad they didn’t do something like that earlier with the place when we lived here a few years ago. I remember when you could get some pretty good doughnuts there and every morning it was like attending old home week talking to other seniors that had just come back from Florida or were showing their grandkid’s pictures around. Well maybe it’s a good thing that they don’t have the doughnuts or else Wayne (and I) would look like a couple of rolly polly pudgies after several visits; we do plan on going back. They have a nice money saving senior citizens’ menu there and we’ll be trying all of the dishes over time.

We ordered their potato soup this visit and I must suggest here a couple of improvement on it. First, please cut the potatoes into smaller cubes; we seniors have a hard time maneuvering those big chunks around in our mouths to eat with our false choppers and Wayne slopped a lot of his soup onto his shirt and tie from trying to cut them up with his knife and fork; I’m not sure how he got it on the waistband of his underwear but alas he did and it was on the inside at that. Try explaining that to our laundry lady.

Smaller pieces would make it a lot easier to eat the soup. Thanks. Oh, and please have a carpenter come in and level out some of the tables. Two of them tilted (we changed tables after the first one) and caused us to spill some of our water from our drinking glasses. We don’t mean to complain and it isn’t really a complaint; it’s more of a suggestion. Heavens to Betsy you might get some crotchety old broad setting at one of the bad tables and spill some hot scalding coffee in her lap and then try to create another McDonald’s court decision of awarding her money for spilling hot coffee and getting her dignity burnt. That’s a hard place to treat for burns; I know because I did it laying in the sun au natural. So be careful.

Another thing I would suggest to improve the soup is to add a little onion; I missed tasting the wonderful flavor of onion. Don’t put in too much mind you, just add some while you’re cooking it and maybe offer a little raw onion that I can add later as I’m consuming it. Wayne ordered it because he will never pass up a bowl of potato soup when it’s on the menu but I ended up eating most of it while he was cleaning off his tie. I offered to order him another bowl but he just set there and pouted, the poor disappointed little thing. I know I shouldn’t do things like that but I just love to see his little lip quiver. We do smooch and make up a lot but we try to keep it in private and not slobber over one and other in public like I’ve seen some teenagers do. Managers, please tell them to go outside.

I went all over the restaurant and looked at the many pictures they have of the old Waynedale area. I can name a few of the people in the pictures but looking at them makes me feel older than I want to feel. The picture of the old water tower took me back to my teenage years when Wayne and I were first dating. We’d park near there and neck. Oh, I’m getting off the subject; let me fan myself first and cool down; I do get myself all excited at times. I need some Midol or Lydia Pinkum tablets; I do hope I spelled them right; I haven’t seen them around in a while; the doctor has me on some strange sounding pills now; PREM-something-or-other.

You know, free coffee for seniors would be a nice addition as would maybe offering THE WAYNEDALE DOG on the menu. My little tubby hubby invented it you know and even had that cute Bobby Stark put the instructions in THE WAYNEDALE NEWS. He got the slaw-on-top idea while we were visiting down in the Virginias, Alabama, and Florida.

Something else we discovered and loved to eat, was the south’s famous HOT BOLONY SANDWICHES. They will fry up a ‘thick-thick’ slice of bologna and just soak it in barbeque sauce and serve it on a special roll with your choice of trimmings like a big slice of onion, dill pickles, lettuce, sliced tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, or horseradish sauce. I do hope they start serving them up north here.

I just made myself hungry. I’ve just got to go to Hill’s Market and get me some very thick sliced bologna. I hope they have the garlic-flavored kind.


Until next time, TAA TAAA.



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